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Seashore Networks: Boosting Enterprise Production by Developing Excellent Last-mile Networks

Ankit Dixit,  Founder & CEO

Ankit Dixit

Founder & CEO

The ongoing technological revolution has given rise to deep technologies that will be at the heart of the next wave of information disruption. India has witnessed accelerated digital transformation in the last decade. To support increased production while reducing errors, digitization will play an important role. Seashore offers these businesses Private Cellular Networks. Seashore's unique software-driven offerings allows enterprises to continuously reconfigure their networks. It enables operators to add intelligence, quickly adapt the network to diverse services, and automate processes to swiftly scale the network and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The company has been recognized by the global community as a pioneer in the field of 5G and Wireless. It is also among the top 30 winners of the famous Indian DoT 5G Hackathon, which was overseen by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Seashore Networks has concluded successful 5G trials with tier-I operators running live traffic and their latest offering Private 5G series is available commercially to deploy.

Ankit Dixit, Founder of the company is a dynamic leader with a strong background in marketing, sales, analytics, digital, mobility, and business performance management. Ankit has spent many years in the wireless industry, not only advising Boards and C-suites on transformational decisions but also purchasing network technology and equipment. He noticed a market gap at this point. The future wireless infrastructure cannot be scaled economically if it is hardware-centric, more and more network functions must be delivered using the software so that the digital transformation does not stall due to a rigid network. Instead, a flexible network becomes a competitive advantage for future peer differentiation.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider Magazine, Ankit talks more about his professional journey and how he has been able to achieve success in

the industry.

Tell us about the journey of Seashore Technologies Networks and the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far.
Our mission is to bridge the digital divide between large & small organizations. Furthermore, we employs a software driven strategy to offer high end 4G 5G wireless networks to small and medium sized businesses. Our clients include both large & small businesses that requires the operation of major plants. For both sides, Our system is affordable and ground-breaking. While working with big telecoms and software businesses, we witnessed how enterprises and sectors struggled to obtain the connectivity required to enable digitization.

Enterprises believes that current network technologies are in sufficient for IoT and digitalization initiatives. Wireless alternatives such as WiFi, LoRa, Tetra, Zigbee, and Bluetooth are replacing old and expensive wired technology. Seashore Networks offers a completely software-driven technique for constructing private 5G local area networks for enterprises or industries, such as factories, warehouses, ports, and mines. It can power the largest of gigantic organizations while scaling down to handle a small-medium business setting of one to two acres. A plant manager can use their service to set up, manage, and administer his or her own private intranet WiFi bubble.

We adore math and coding. We are a team that takes pride in using extreme engineering to solve severe issues. Our ultimate goal is to create the most adaptable last-mile wireless software to digitally empower people, society, and industries

Give a brief account of your Private 5G which adapts to higher workloads within a minute as digitization gears up?
Seashore's unique scale as you grow approach 5G networks aids with capital investment planning. In Year one an operation may begin with 600 sensors, some for measuring vibration, humidity, and CCTVs. When the plant looks at further digitization and increasing the sensors by four folds to get more

accurate details and do better predictive maintenance in two years, the Seashore network can easily scale up from serving 600 sensors/ connected devices to 2000, if more is desired, that can be done as well.

Could you tell us about the latest technologies adopted by the company for ensuring reliability and security?
For 5G, we use software defined mobile networking technologies and optimize with outstanding code and Artificial Intelligence. We develop open interfaces to enable Edge computing and exciting IoT applications. Some customers are large telecoms that provide Seashore's offering to enterprise customers. And Seashore has passed rigorous 3GPP-based testing with some of the ecosystem's largest Tier-I companies. Furthermore, the ability to switch in and swap out a rogue software module without disturbing operations is very feasible.

Tell us about the workforce of the company responsible for its success.
We have a strong belief in this market and space. The entire team is motivated by the desire to inspire industry leaders to enable digitization on a flexible network iterations lead to a huge distinction. The team is made up of a very uncommon group of very brilliant individuals who enjoys Math and Code. The company's advisers include industry giants such as top C-levels and board members of Infrastructure Companies, Distinguished Engineers who set 5G & 6G standards, and Software professionals from the space tech business.

What are the opportunities that you foresee? Which are the areas that Seashore Technologies is going to advance in and what’s its future roadmap?
Seashore is quite optimistic about the connectivity for enterprises/industries. This market will be driven by the desire to do more with less in order to increase economic value for shareholders and the nation. Consider a country that wants to double or triple its GDP how much transformation must occur in its ports, factories, and so on. Connectivity is a critical component of that shift.

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