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SquadX Innovations: Supplying Products and Services in Blockchain for Industries

Sunil Sharma,CEO

SquadX is an innovative strategic solutions provider in emerging technologies and has served clients across the globe with market presence in India, US, eastern Europe, and Australia. The company enables corporations in faster adoption and experimentation in blockchain and cryptocurrency, by assisting them in consultancy and training in these segments. SquadX delivers teaching tools that avail for enhancing the adoption of blockchain in the industry. Sunil Sharma, CEO of SquadX gives a thorough insight on the operations of the company in the blockchain domain.

In conversation with Sunil Sharma, CEO, SquadX Innovations

Blockchain has started assisting in digital transformation for businesses. As a blockchain technology domain player, how has SquadX grown and adapted to the changes?
SquadX focuses on the emerging technology developments as well as trading them over B2B and B2C markets. Having expertise in blockchain, IoT, AI, and ML, we assist corporations in adopting substantial emerging technologies, and help them in becoming a part of digital transformation. We provide training in blockchain realm which not just alters the development aspect of a corporation, but in the organizational structure as well. SquadX has completed 3 years in supplying emerging technologies, and has reached approximately USD 3 million gross revenue in sales. Being a team of 25 skillful talents, we are currently

located across Pune, Bangalore, and Gurgaon.

Blockchain has started providing the full set of tools needed to learn, create, test, and deploy in businesses. Mean- while there are many complexities around implementation of blockchain. How does SquadX mitigate such complexities using your products and services?
The main reason why industries hesitate in adopting Blockchain is due to lack of clarity around ROI & implementation of Blockchain use cases. Also, it's very hard to find the right kind of talent in Blockchain right now. Particularly in training, through our initiative SquadX_learning Hub, squadX enables education platforms to provide practical learning for students & professionals through its expertise in Blockchain.

SquadX has been a partner for launching one of the largest gaming platforms on Blockchain

With regard to our solutions, we help companies with consultancy and training. After convincing them on the exigency of adopting Blockchain, we agree on a partnership where we do collaborative projects in development, training, and consultancy in Blockchain. SquadX currently provides products in e-governance, SCM & Blockchain Gaming. Moreover, we also supply one of our products in Australia for cross country remittance programs.

We have bestowed our product in supply chain management too by enabling a GPS payment system that helps in reducing cost. SquadX has been a partner for launching one of the largest gaming platforms on Blockchain.

It is true that emerging technologies will power the future. In what ways does SquadX LearningHub has taken a step forward to up skill the masses?

LearningHub is exclusively intended for experimenting and identifying new methodologies of teaching. I believe that methods in training and teaching will drastically advance in the next five years. In a skill based future, the kind of learning or teaching methodologies that we use currently may not work then. Nevertheless, all learning courses on technology come with an expiry date where the content would not be relevant. LearningHub is a vision that promotes the idea of conceiving technical learning as an investment, so that folks can learn about the technology of tomorrow.

To become a domain player in this field requires proven cases of success stories. Kindly share one with us.
As far, we have delivered our products and solutions to 51 clients across the globe. These solutions include a 10,000 TPS crypto exchange integrated in 3 other international exchanges, cross border blockchain based payment app, world's largest blockchain gaming platform etc. The LearningHub program was a success, our efforts to enable education platforms to accelerate their course production cycle and improve quality of training has earned significant positive feedback from organizations. At present, we are part of one of India's largest UpGrad's online Blockchain program & many other similar online-offline programs. Currently, 5 universities across the globe are using our teaching tools to train their students in blockchain. We have plans to launch 10 specialized PG diploma courses in collaboration with universities by the end of 2020 and enable top 20 education platforms in India to launch similar courses.

Blockchain is still in its infancy in India, but is forecasted to see a major leap in the years ahead. What future have you planned for SquadX?
We wish to see ourselves as a market leader of delivering products and solutions in emerging technologies by the year 2025. Since we are a technology company, we have a sharp quality in expertise around the emerging technologies. We have an aggressive hiring plan to expand our team of 25 people to 55 by the end of 2019.

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