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  • Vinay Krishna,  Founder

    Vinay Krishna, Founder

  • If you look at Blockchain as a technology, it’s quite new. Normally, when Blockchain comes into our mind, we think about Cryptocurrency. There are very few groups who have tried different use cases of blockchain. I have observed that many governments, organizations and countries as well are still trying to figure out whether blockchain based solutions are feasible, reliable and deployable. We at Pingala Software, view this as a great opportunity. The market is new and we being a fairly new entrant in this domain, seek such use cases as a challenge to build a solution for the same.

  • Pingala Software: For the Rapidly Changing Digital World

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10 Most Recommended Blockchain Solution Providers - 2019

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  • 10 Most Recommended Blockchain Solution Providers - 2019

    Enterprises and governments across the world have now recognized the transformational potential of Blockchain. Over 50 countries have already embarked on initiatives to integrate blockchain in their economies and to develop a strong holistic blockchain ecosystem. Globally, enterprises have established the potential of blockchain through proof-of-value engagements and by tracking bellwether implementations of peer firms. 70 percent of enterprise blockchain projects are now commissioned through stringent business case evaluations on cost savings and operational efficiency improvement potential. According to a report by NASSCOM, nearly half the states in India have initiated blockchain projects to address different elements of citizen service delivery. While most projects are in the pilot stage, the state governments have taken a progressive approach to ensure start-ups and niche providers have a conducive framework to participate in these initiatives. In addition to the public sector, private enterprises across all key industries in India are identifying different applications of blockchain. The BFSI sector has seen the highest adoption, but other industries, including healthcare, retail and logistics are also accelerating rapidly. With their deep enterprise client relationships, service providers in India, are uniquely positioned to address a large share of the global blockchain demand. They will need to invest rapidly in talent development, IP and asset creation and process framework advancement to maximize the opportunity. As per data from the World Intellectual Property Organization, India stands sixth on the list of patents and trends in the blockchain space, with a total of 67 patents approval in 2018. Demonetization had created a wave of digital payments that has impacted the Indian citizens since 2016. There has been a huge shift from transacting in physical currency to digital payments through platforms such as Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, etc. Indians are gradually realizing the importance of digital money and leveraging seamless transactions and a cashless approach that digital money offers. And amidst this, we at CIO Insider, realize the importance of a blockchain based solutions. Therefore, we bring to you 10 Most Recommended Blockchain Solution Providers of 2019. We hope these vendors pave a smooth path for your business to switch to Blockchain.

10 Most Recommended Blockchain Solution Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BlockCluster BlockCluster Vinshu Gupta, Founder & CEO Avails blockchain management system for corporates, SMEs, startups, freelancers and governments.
DreamzTech Solutions: Foraying into the Possibilities of Blockchain Enabled Solutions DreamzTech Solutions Krish Ghosh, Founder & CTO An enterprise solution provider that leverages technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, Enterprise Mobility, Progressive Web App Platform, Cloud Apps & Security, and Data Analytics.
Inspira Enterprise Inspira Enterprise Manoj Kanodia, CEO Leverages Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) technology to build enterprise blockchain solutions for data archival and website & file monitoring.
InteliTix Solutions: End-to-End Blockchain Solutions from Concept to Development InteliTix Solutions Satish Salivati, Director Delivers end-to-end blockchain solutions that include POCs, projects and ICO Smart contracts rollouts.
Nonceblox Nonceblox Ritam Gupta, CEO Specializes in blockchains, ICO turnkey solutions, digital marketing, API integration, blockchain tutorials, coin payment integration, and DLT development.
Pingala Software: For The Rapidly Changing Digital World Pingala Software Vinay Krishna, Founder Develops built-in quality development solutions in the field of Automation, IoT, and Blockchain in collaboration with customer.
Snapper Future Tech Helping Enterprises Comprehend the Potential of Blockchain Snapper Future Tech Prashant Surana Jain, Naresh Jain and Avnish Gupta, Co-Founders Avails services based on Blockchain technology such as POC & Prototype development, Application development & implementation and Research and Consulting.
Soulstice Software Solutions: Implementing Customized Blockchain Solutions for Various Industry Verticals Soulstice Software Solutions Santhosh Vanama, MD - India Expertise revolves around developing customizable solutions using Ethereum platform for clients across various industry verticals.
SquadX Innovations: Supplying Products and Services in Blockchain for Industries SquadX Innovations Sunil Sharma, CEO Offers B2G and B2B Blockchain solutions, no-code advanced blockchain training, digital asset exchange development, Dapps, and Smart contract automation.
TowardsBlockchain TowardsBlockchain Aman Sanduja, Founder & CIO Provides blockchain development services with multiple sets of distributed applications (DApps) over Ethereum Blockchain.