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Stixis: Carrying the RPA Initiatives in India with Utmost Precision

Rayudu Dhananjaya,President & CEO

Rayudu Dhananjaya

President & CEO

RPA myths still circulate on how exactly this new technology works to systematise and unify a business’s operational platform and improve efficiency company-wide. This lack of awareness about RPA’s core propositions, its effects on companies and their staff, and new developments that may occur, has the tendency to stir confusion and fear for enterprises looking for a tool to positively change their business processes and create a more flexible and responsive organization. Like a guardian amidst these confusions, Bangalore headquartered Stixis Technologies has been trying to bring together leading-edge technologies with their partner network´s domain and operational expertise, by offering a platform that bridges the gap between business and IT. Stixis is a software technology innovation services enterprise with its core client focus on building architectural solutions wired to enhance operational efficiency, manage large software developments, and implementations through streamlined processes and robust technology capabilities.

Stixis is servicing global clients on Business Process Automation (BPA) using Robotic tools and other emerging technologies including IoT and Blockchain. The company is an authorized technology partner of Robotic Process Automation platform ‘Jidoka’ for three geographies - India, North America, and South Africa.

Rayudu Dhananjaya, President and CEO at Stixis Technologies explains that for automation projects to not end up in frustration and loss of efforts, it is crucial to identify the right candidate processes for automation. At the same time incorporate and align all the key

stakeholders in establishing an automation roadmap. RPA Jidoka's proven methodology enables Stixis to accompany clients from alpha to omega of their automation journey.

RPA Jidoka's proven methodology enables Stixis to accompany clients from alpha to omega of their automation journey

Why Jidoka?
Jidoka has an advanced application of JAVA technology with top-down design centric approach which allows for the deployment of successful RPA projects, covering both IT and Business needs and objectives. The RPA Jidoka platform has been built to enable deployment and operation of Software Robots at an enterprise level. Software robots can reduce up to 80 percent human intervention in business processes permitting enterprises to increase productivity, reduce human errors, and minimize costs. Also, processes themselves can be improved. Added to it, Return on Investment is achieved in a very short period of time, compared to traditional automation initiatives. Stixis’ RPA Platform puts forth features to build robots for complex processes, facilitating change control management and distribution in large business environments. This also accounts for the platform’s key strength driving its success in the market.

Scalability and security have been considered priorities ever since the platform came live. “The permission and authorization capabilities of our platform are second to none. Our RPA Jidoka’s security features meet the strictest operational requirements, as well as the most rigorous of enterprise management, scalability, and auditability standards”, tells Dhananjaya.

The Stixis team’s extensive software development and IT services experience puts the company in a position to undertake some very complex RPA deployments. Given that RPA is not only about overall cost reduction, improvement in speed and productivity

in offering services finds an equally important place. It actively involves accuracy and compliance, while guaranteeing flexibility and scalability as mentioned earlier. Hence, every project that Stixis supports carries the aforementioned objectives.

COBOTs in the Future
Small, collaborative robots, or cobots, are gaining currency across the world, and India is not left out. Several firms, like Bajaj Auto or Aurolab, have benefited from the adoption of cobots and are planning to add more to their shop floors. Therefore, it only makes sense to consider enabling robots to request help or assistance from human agents, and getting them to collaborate with each other.

Cobots are able to identify not contemplated events or exceptions, and react to them requesting human intervention for their resolution. In most cases, this is the only profitable way to approach automation since programming robots can be expensive reacting to any exception. Stixis has been working on the same, and is prepared to witness and innovate while RPA evolves into a highly intelligent automation initiative, featuring advanced IA capabilities. In the near future, Stixis has works underway to incorporate new and innovative features such as Chatbots, COBOTS (Collaborative Robots) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) tools that enable robots to extend the range of processes and rules that can be automated.

Jidoka platform has been deployed across numerous sectors and industries to automate a wide range of business processes such as:
• Financial Services: Regulatory compliance, Execution of embargoes, Client on boarding.
• Outsourcing: Invoice reconciliation, Client data updating, and Task management.
• Public Utilities: Debt Management, Meter Reading, Service Provider requests.
• Consumer & Industrial Products: Payroll, Supply Management, Account Reconciliation.
• Others (Real Estate, Health): Risk and Asset Management, Training Certificates, Management Dashboards.

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