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Strobus Infosoft: Transcending Technological Assistance to Financial Services Companies

Zameer G Syed ,Director, CEO & Chief Architect

Zameer G Syed

Director, CEO & Chief Architect

Strobus Infosoft headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra is a technology consulting service in the domain of capital market that delivers mission-critical IT solutions and system integration projects. With an objective to run high performance applications that utilize the latest and emerging technologies, the company has a rich profile for its years of experience and expertise in the IT industry. To explain about the strategic services Strobus Infosoft offers, Zameer G Syed, Director, CEO & Chief Architect joins the conversation.

In conversation with Zameer G Syed, Director, CEO & Chief Architect, Strobus Infosoft

Fin-tech driven innovations are making considerable impact over parts of capital markets’ value chain. As a technology consulting company, how is Strobus Infosoft positioned in the capital markets domain?
We started Strobus as a boutique consulting company for investment banking and capital markets technology. As we moved forward, we transitioned into a Fintech company focusing in capital markets with products in investment technology, and we built three verticals around this that include Consulting and Advisory, Solutions and Services. In Consulting and Advisory area, we assist businesses to transform their business technology to a prime level with high performance computing and digital transformation.

The Solutions that we provide are on trading technology and compliance reporting platforms. In this area we have solutions such as Algomatix - the Algorithmic Trading Strategies platform,

PortaRepo - the unified reporting platform, TradeMax - the high performance trading system framework with low latency architecture, and Tixpress – the high frequency market data adapter. Our solutions can be easily integrated with any OMS, EMS and RMS systems. It has been designed with low latency architecture and cloud capabilities, and can be implemented for normal and as well as high frequency trading businesses. Our sophisticated strategies are powered with AI & ML capabilities to implement across hedge funds, buy-side entities and sell-side intermediaries. The most important feature of Algomatix is that it is enabled with Algo-Wheel that selects best underlying algos and intelligently manages the order according to the market conditions or trading requirements. Companies can utilize the platform to deploy according to their market or trading requirements.

We have developed a framework called Aitanium for implementing AI solutions in capital markets

In Digital transformation, we enable and accelerate Digital Journey of our clients. We collaborate with our customers to Define Digital Strategy and Digital KPIs that aligns with their business strategy, build analytics with right data, and bridge the gap between strategy and technology – identify the capabilities, technologies, solutions - and apply them in their Digital Transformation initiatives.

How does Strobus meet both ends of the business, i.e. the demand and supply? Tell us about Strobus’ advancement in fund management technology.
In the capital market industry, performance matters a lot. Our solutions platform has clear focus for both buy-sides as well as sell-side. Sell-side solutions are predominantly for the brokers to manage their trading based on their client profile. Our unified reporting app - PortaRepo, disseminates

reports to investors and fund houses. The platform avails user to view and generate reports through a single window. We also have a wealth management platform called Plus Wealth. It generates all portfolio management reports, based on the assigned templates as per the demands and requirements of the user.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can process humongous amount of data about the customer and assist financial service companies to provide suitable services as per the requirement of the customer. How does Strobus utilize AI and ML technologies along with their solutions?
Data and AI transform industries in ever-quicker pace. STROBUS with its deep industry knowledge and insights in business and technology offers roadmap for success with AI/ML enabled business solutions for Capital Markets. Our sophisticated solutions for trading are powered with AI & ML capabilities that can analyse enormous amount of market data and non-market information to generate insights for the businesses.

Also, we have developed a framework called Aitanium for implementing AI solutions in capital market. Based on this framework, companies can develop and integrate AI/ML technologies and solutions within their legacy systems and use the AI capability for their data analytics, market data and reference data management.

Share with us the future blueprint of the company in issuing prime technology based solutions in the capital market domain?
Being in the capital market domain, we could envisage the potential for application of DLT/ BlockChain capabilities in the industry, and therefore look forward to building it across the trading lifecycle. We are also bringing cloud capabilities for the trading platform by fine-tuning our aforementioned solutions to latest technologies without compromising on the high-end performance. The biggest challenge the capital market industry possess is the interoperability. We have leveraged to provide solutions based on the requirements for interoperability across the asset classes, venues, and markets.

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