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Sunbridge Software Services: Bridging the Gap Between Aspirations & Accomplishments

  Mangesh Divekar,   CEO & Director

Mangesh Divekar

CEO & Director

Sunbridge Software Services stands out as a pioneering force in the realm of business process and resource optimization, prominently represented by its seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 one of today's leading ERP systems. To ensure the efficient deployment and operation of this system, enterprises find themselves in need of an exemplary Microsoft Dynamics certified Solution partner one embodying unquestionable expertise and a proven track record. This role finds its embodiment in Sunbridge, an award-winning provider of business consulting, software solutions, and IT implementation services.

The inception of Sunbridge dates back to 2007, orchestrated by Mangesh Divekar, a seasoned IT professional. With his guidance, the company has burgeoned into a favored choice for approximately 300 clients spanning the global landscape. Sunbridge's resounding success is intricately tied to its unwavering commitment the enhancement of performance through inventive and effective solutions. Owing to its excellence, the company recently attained accolades as SMB partner on leaderboard.

The subsequent excerpts stem from an exclusive interview conducted by CIO Insider with Mangesh Divekar, CEO and Director of Sunbridge. This conversation casts a spotlight on the company's pivotal role as a transformative Microsoft Dynamics certified Solution partner, providing deeper insights into their operations and the impact they've made on businesses.

How has Sunbridge Software Services’ journey as a Microsoft Dynamics certified Solution partner so far been?
Sunbridge Software Services' evolution as a Microsoft Dynamics certified Solution partner has unfolded as a remarkable global journey. Despite being at a nascent stage, this

partnership received unwavering support from Microsoft. This support served as a launchpad for Sunbridge's expansion onto the international stage. With a newfound focus on global presence, the company embarked on international rollouts, underpinning its adaptability and determination for leveraging its advanced technical acumen and innovative solutions to drive transformative changes for businesses on a global scale. Today, Sunbridge Software Services remains a steadfast partner, equipped to guide businesses through a holistic journey of growth, optimization, and innovation.

Sunbridge Software Services remains a steadfast partner, equipped to guide businesses through a holistic journey of growth, optimization, and innovation

Tell us about your flagship offerings. What makes you a reliable choice for customers?
Sunbridge Software Services has truly distinguished itself as a certified Microsoft Dynamics certified Solution partner by extending a comprehensive array of flagship offerings that cater to an evolving business landscape. Driven by a commitment to excellence, our proven expertise and a track record of success, our foundational services cover an expansive range, including consulting, implementation, international rollout solutions, application support, and auditing. What makes us a reliable choice for customers goes beyond the conventional scope, encompassing not only our core services but also new business opportunities presented by Azure cloud/CRM/Power Platforms, which we envision investing in soon.

Describe the customer's experience of how your offerings have changed the scenario for the better for your client.
A thriving eyewear retail chain with multiple outlets across various cities reached out to Sunbridge Software Services, seeking a solution that could streamline its operations and enhance its customer centric approach. The existing systems struggled to keep up with the increasing complexities, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of realtime insights about managing

inventory, tracking sales, and ensuring a consistent customer experience. Recognizing the potential of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Sunbridge tailored a comprehensive solution to unique requirements, which enabled streamlining, standardization, consistency, and cost-effectiveness, in turn, aiding scalability and growth. Its systems could easily integrate with third-party applications while ensuring real time insights and reporting, compliance, and regulation.

What are the measures the team follows to help the company adapt and leverage effective services?
We empower our team to work as a single organization that can deliver diverse projects, and hence, we have incorporated multiple practices internally that not only induce agility, value, and transparency in implementations but also give us a competitive edge. As one of our major measures, we started using Microsoft tools and we started focusing on the market segments that demanded our attention and support. For example, we created a standard template with Dynamics for numerous sectors, including online shopping platforms and manufacturing companies, for an efficient business operation, a greater customer experience, and even handling one’s dramatic growth. We were able to track and optimize our resources with Microsoft Project to reduce the price by helping us work on 2-3 projects at once. We also got access to a unified repository for all project documentation, including test cases and deployment strategies, which further made Microsoft auditing easier and quality assessments more efficient. These templates and best practices also serve as a corpus for our future customers.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Sunbridge Software Services?
There are multiple markets and huge potential for Sunbridge to conquer in the coming five years. We would like to accomplish all this by continuing our association with Microsoft Dynamics for the long term. We have created a separate business structure to enable a tri-party agreement, thereby becoming a white-label company to support the customers in executing a successful implementation. Overall, we envision being the number one partner not in terms of volumes or business but in terms of implementation. We seek to deliver the same value and experience to our prospective customers and market as we do to our existing ones.

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