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Synergics: Complex World, Simple Solutions

Vivek Das, Director

Vivek Das


Synergics is a Mumbai based software development company with business automation as their core forte. Synergics' ERP Software portfolio ranges from Jewellery ERP Suites, Stones ERP Suites to Crew Management as well as Rice Mill Management. It improves productivity as well as the profitability of the jewellery businesses. It does so by providing accurate tracking of all business transactions, comparing periodical data providing information necessary to control costs, improve customer services and generate higher profit. Synergics' Jewellery ERP Suite and Stones ERP Suite are specifically designed to provide maximum control on diamonds and colour stones inventory. The strong security features permit view only to authorized personnel. Synergics' ERP Suites are ready to use as well as customize able to meet the unique needs of the jewellery industry. The Rice Mill Management software provides 360 degree solutions to organizations with a precise production plan to the selling and distributing of products. We asked the Director, a few of our own questions.

In conversation with Vivek Das, Director, Synergics Solutions Private Limited

A few years ago, the question most business owners were asking was,'Is it worth the time and investment to automate office processes?'Today,it is evident that business process automation is essential for operational growth. But SMEs seem to be still stuck. What's your opinion and how is Synergics positioned in the scenario?

The Indian scenario has its complexities and inherent issues of SME. At Synergics, we understand that along with automation there is education to the clients. Controls in any organization are of primary importance and we at Synergics ensure the same through business process reengineering and ultimately through the software. Synergics is a company which has been focused for more than a decade in business automation.

Synergics Enterprise Application is a complete solution with fully integrated financial accounting thus giving complete visibility for the business

Our Enterprise Application is built on the state of the technology and completely on the cloud. Synergics Enterprise Application is a complete solution with fully integrated financial accounting thus giving complete visibility for the business. We follow a motto: Complex World Simple Solutions.

How are you coming to the rescue of retailers who wish to digitally transform and grow their business while keep conserved on the cost perspective?
Majority of retailers surely want to have a smarter,cost effective way to e-enable their business. The challenge of a singular engine pushing and receiving data becomes a bottle neck to move further. We have overcome that and provide single engine to take care of the business operations and extension to e-tailing or even omnichannel presence.

In what manner does Synergics' Rice Mill Management simplify work flow driven trace ability for end to end business process on the cloud?
The SEA ERP software for Rice Mills covers a plethora of business processes; from Purchase management to inventory management and from Quality Check to Financial Accounting. Supporting purchases of all types, the

software has an extended app given to the agents in Mandi allowing them to send the quantity and rate for approval to the company.

Besides, for vendors to inform the company about the vehicle details once purchase order is placed. This in turn is very helpful for controlled inward movement. The Software automates the Production process seamlessly capturing the inputs and output of machines with minimal human interference. The insurance, freight, cash discounts, commissions are the other variables in any order placed, which are to be a part of the price, or separately accounted for. Both these scenarios are allowed by the system. Along with several more flexibilities, the price for sales is a dynamic activity and is governed by the market demand and supply. There's no end to its features: the system has built in intelligence to understand and track the packaging requirement right from the day order is punched in. I've just listed out a few pointers, one might need to go through our web portal or consult us to understand the software's vast possibilities.

Such exceptional and comprehensive suite of products must have fetched a number of accreditations for Synergics. Please tell us about them.
Synergics is SOC 2 type II certified for its software, implementation and data centre services. Synergics’ system adheres to the standards set for parameters like Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality and Privacy.

What is your vision for the company? What new & exciting products is Synergics bringing forth in the market?
We as an organization have a vision of organizing the SME segment. So, Synergics is in the process of launching its ERP on SaaS model, which would be affordable and easy to use.

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