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ECS Business Software Solutions: Implements Configurable ERP Systems for all Size of Businesses

Irfan Mustafa Qazi , CEO

ECS is a provider of ERP Software, and Man Power (HR) solutions where the company develops business solutions and custom built applications for their customers mainly standalone applications to provide manpower for varied industries in all verticals. The company's vision is to become a globally known organization that entrepreneurs can count on to make their business highly profitable.

In conversation with Irfan Mustafa Qazi, CEO, ECS Business Software Solutions

As ERP is much more consumerfocused, the solutions embedded with emerging technologies like analytics, IoT and AI will support new processes, business models and ways of doing work. In what ways do business solutions and custom built applications of ECS Business provide profit to different industries in this vertical?
We have deliberately selected the industry where ERPs is not present. We focus on the trading industry where there are sales distribution services, maintenance, installation, and warranty. The company also wants to focus on the project based organization; because we have a project management module, which is linked to finance and

everything in the system. We have a human resource management module also which is starting from the recruitment, interface, payroll, and management of lead. ECS provides ERP to companies so that they don't need to have IT in their companies which also save their cost. ECS system is very simple to manage and customize the configuration to the usual board admin module.

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Besides this, ECS also focus on security. We claim that this is one of the most secure systems because our technology used is java or Linux. Java can be deployed in any OS, and on Linux, the system is very secure because it does not allow the virus to enter in the system and that's why there is no chance of breaking into server or hacking.

Additionally, the company also provides business continuity, where there are two levels of back up. One back up is line back up and second at a remote location. Even if the server broke only hard disk is crushed, our system will restore it very fast and there will be no loss of data.

The high availability over the cloud for cloud services causes the security risks to increase as well and handling security issues for a cloud based ERP system is a challenging and complex process. How does ECS Business handle these challenges?

Security issues which are there in data in the cloud are data leakage like it is one server that is posting many deployments. So if there is a system error or bug, user can get access to every other data allowing a hacktivist to create havoc. Our architecture is not really a cloud but behaves like one. We have multiple deployments and virtualization on the same server but every deployment is a stand-alone deployment. This implies that the user does not get access to every other data. Everyone has a separate database & separate solution running, thereby eliminating the risk. The company provides a very secure system so that not everybody is allowed to access the server directly. Further, since it is a Linux based system too, there is no chance of virus doing anything from the machine. We have provided similar services to our partner company in Saudi Arabia, who are using our ERP and have not found any security issue till date.

Brief us about your upcoming future goals. What new & exciting products is ECS bringing forth in the market?
Technology is changing so we have to keep changing. Our development has been a continuous process and we have not stopped. This development will keep on happening in the same module and we will keep enhancing its performance. Basically, our mission is to take businesses to a path of continuous improvement to achieve maximum productivity and realize maximum profits leveraging on Information Technology, Human Resource and Project Management.

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