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Talent Recruit Software : When Recruitment Met AI

Alok Nidhi Gupta ,Co-Founder & MD

Alok Nidhi Gupta

Co-Founder & MD

Hooking the best industry talent continues to remain one of the biggest tasks for recruiters who constantly struggle to strike a balance between day-to-day recruitment activities. However, technology as a whole has completely transformed the recruitment landscape & is now more accessible than ever! With speed as a mantra in recruitment, there is an acute need to replace manual intervention in the discovery of the best talent for which Artificial Intelligence (AI) is your best bet.
Although just out of its infancy, AI has already started freeing up Recruiters/HR Teams to focus on more strategic endeavors by simultaneously running through a plethora of candidate sources including Social Media, Job Boards, Emails, Employee Referrals and other sources for talent identification. A pioneer in this field is Bangalore based TalentRecruit Software that provides a comprehensive cloud-based recruitment platform that enables businesses to build world class teams through data-driven algorithms powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This single platform facilitates the automation and management of the entire recruitment life-cycle at an organization from talent identification, evaluation and engagement till on-boarding, from end-to-end.

Meet RE.VA: The Future of Candidate Sourcing and Engagement
At the highest echelons of the recruitment ladder, a key area of concern that has started to emerge is in engaging the talent pipeline to ensure that the right hire is made at the right time and TalentRecruit addresses this with RE.VA - A Recruiter’s Virtual Assistant. RE.VA can intelligently identify the best matched profiles & engage with candidates through personalized emails.
In a nutshell, RE.VA acts as recruiters very own personal assistant that can source & rank the best profiles for a job and is capable of understanding a recruiter’s email activity while following the same engagement patterns to keep in touch with potential new hires. Furthermore, the AI built into RE.VA scans the email exchange between recruiters and candidates together insightful data about the interest levels of the candidate for the job opportunity. In short, not only finding the right talent, but engaging with the right talent till they are successfully on-boarded.

Unifying All Aspects of Recruitment
TalentRecruit addresses each major aspect of recruitment; attracting the right talent, assessing the right talent and engaging the right talent.
Machine Learning algorithms in the platform understand the requisites of hiring managers by analyzing their recruitment patterns and the Job Description at hand, based on which the system ranks each candidate in the database and automatically suggests the best matched candidates
for the job.
As often is the case, it can become a cumbersome and dreary task for Hiring Managers and Recruiters to interview candidates who are an incorrect fit for the position.

These profiles slip through the cracks in the recruitment process and become a burden by draining the valuable time of both the employers’ and candidates. The fusion of TalentRecruit’s Artificial Intelligence and the Multi-Level Evaluation Platform eliminates the chances for such profiles to reach the interview stage through configurable assessment sheets.
True to its mission to deliver an end-to-end recruitment platform, TalentRecruit also features an integrated smart on-boarding platform that provides an exceptional, transparent and paperless on-boarding experience to new hires. The platform lets employers improvise the offer to joining ratio by creating a very engaging process with the offered candidate and can also help predict the likelihood of the
candidate joining.

At the highest echelons of the recruitment ladder, a key area of concern that has started to emerge is in engaging the talent pipeline

Having reached a leadership position in India and with its global footprint in over 17 different countries, TalentRecruit is geared up to introduce new features and modules in the recruitment space through new innovations, Machine Learning
and AI.

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