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Oi Media: A Technology Catalyst to the Indian OOH Media Industry

Praphul Misra ,MD

In the Media Industry where there are limited standard operating procedures
(SOPs), the last to adopt structures and automation is the Out of Home Media sector. OOH encompasses other forms that are growing at a fast clip, such as Ambient Media, Retail Media, and Transit Media. New Delhi headquartered OiMedia, with its suite of proprietary products across the entire value-chain of the OOH Media sector, has been making significant impact by helping its users capture actionable insights made available through its platform. The sector stakeholders are enabled to use smart, easy to- use tools to not only cut their enquiry-to-quotation, and execution-to-billing cycle times, but also to improve their campaign effectiveness and inventory yields.

'Everything Considered’

Backed by a decade-long experience in managing more than 500 campaigns, OiMedia’s versatile and robust platform- EtcEtc.XYZ is built to manage a wide range of choices, representing the rich and varied domain of OOH. EtcEtc.XYZ has the ability to structure business’s data in a feature rich template that allows different teams in the organization, and their clients to access relevant pieces in real time. This in turn makes it easier for the stakeholders to do business with each other. Be it visualization of their KPIs on a dashboard, reviewing media inventory on a calendar or a dynamic map, creating and sharing proposals in less than five minutes, or providing real-time field audit photos through a tamper-proof mobile app, EtcEtc.XYZ has a palette of functionalities capable of getting a business started on their journey to harness the power of the cloud.

EtcEtc.XYZ has the ability to structure business’s data in a feature rich template

Ease of Use is achieved when each user segment is able to view relevant information, in simple formats with actionable tools that add value to the process. With OiMedia’s core team having several years of hands-on experience in the media industry; it has become a part of the company’s DNA to focus on relevance. In a recent venture, the business development team of a client selling media spaces was able to increase its occupancy rates with the help of a colour-coded calendar. This solution helped to visualize the inventory that could be bundled and cross-subsidized. The Finance team of yet another client was able to review the aging of its accounts receivables, by various segments, on a weekly basis.

The Outdoor and Transit Media, known as Out of Home Media receives more than thirty thousand Crores in advertising from brands with projection to only grow more than thirteen percent each year. It is expected to leap-frog into the next phase by exploiting GIS, AI and deep learning technologies. With a hardwired belief towards transparency and acountability, OiMedia realizes that there is a lot to touch and fix in the OOH media industry. Such outstanding efforts are soon to mount OiMedia as a one-stop online marketplace where media buyers and sellers from multiple regions of the globe are able to do business in a frictionless future.

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