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Tanaashi Technologies: Delivering Maximum Efficiency to Manufacturers & Traders

Aruj Agarwal,COO

The pandemic has changed the perspective that business owners had regarding their ERPs. The decisions that companies make today about their ERP systems will set their trajectory for years to come in terms of operational flexibility and resilience. Established in1999, Tanaashi Technologies offers a complete portfolio of solutions to the MSME industry. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Tanaashi is engaged in fast tracking businesses & financial reporting with easy report sharing. Tanaashi’s ERP offerings has left a significant impact on the clients, turning their businesses into an advanced ecosystem of profitability & productivity. In an enlightening conversation with Aruj Agarwal, COO of Tanaashi Technologies, CIO Insider is putting out a word, that ERP is changing and becoming more intuitive. Aruj walks us through a Tanaashi’s take on the modern ERP.

In conversation with Aruj Agarwal, COO, Tanaashi Technologies

The global ERP software industry is anticipated to reach a value of almost $60 billion by 2026. What is the kind of role that Tanaashi Technologies is playing in the digital transformation market and where are you currently positioned in the industry?
We need to differentiate between Digital Transformation & Automation. When we are talking about digital transformation, we are implying to relook at our current processes and re-engineer them so that the enterprise business transforms whereas automation is about automating a process or a sub process of a process. Transformation encompasses complete enterprise.

The Industry Worldwide is seeing a change in the way it functions and delivers like never before. With Industry 4.0 getting imbibed with the trend setters, little scope is left for any organization to not to go digital. The ultimate nail driver has been the way GST and taxation in India as well as other countries is getting digitized.

In order to support this paradigm shift, we at Tanaashi embarked on a journey in October 2019 to redefine the way ERP has to be implemented and delivered. We have recognized the industry needs and accordingly, being nimble and flexible, came up with additional components and / or built up on existing functionalities and features.

DigiSec ERP is helping clients transform by bringing in Mobility, Integrations with other solutions like RFID/ Barcode or with SAP and the likes, GST compliances like e-Invoicing etc.

How do you solve customer’s pain points in an impactful way? Give a brief about the level of employee experience possibilities that we are talking about.
Industry 4.0, GST and then the Covid-19, has thrown open the Pandora box of problems and business needs. Any enterprise solution needs to be agile enough to change and cater to these new requisites. Needs, when not addressed, become a pain point! We at Tanaashi have been fortunate to have a team which is extremely empathetic to the client needs and caters to clients with flexibility and agility.

DigiSec ERP is helping clients transform by bringing in Mobility, Integrations with other solutions like RFID/ Barcode or with SAP and the likes, GST compliances like e-Invoicing etc.”

I recall some examples worth mentioning. We addressed concerns and problems arising out of distant and distributed working due to Covid 19 by enriching our existing task delegation and monitoring tool to have Employee Productivity and Performance matrix and making it mobility compliant. In another instance, we focused on mobility and location tracking and started embedding the related technologies and functionalities in the product.

Our work around integration with GSTN and the IRP portal for e-Invoicing & EWB has been a real breather for our clients.

Larger Enterprises have bigger ERP like SAP, Infor implemented in their organizations. They have small business needs which need to be addressed and solved. Since we are able to integrate our solution with these

ERP, it becomes possible for us to provide such solutions whether they are related to warehousing or Job Work Portals or Mobility Solutions.

Give a brief about your DigiSec ERP Solution. How does it make ERP simple and what are the unique features incorporated in the solution?
Digital Transformation journey has sparked concerns and discussions around Anytime and anywhere access of the Software (Cloud Based), security of digital data, and simple & easy to use nature of solutions.

We have tried to address these concerns in DigiSec ERP. As the name suggests, it is a Digitally Secured ERP which is cloud based (hybrid model is also available) and is easy and simple to use. ERP, by its virtue, is always top driven but we have kept in mind that the data for DSS (Decision Support System) is always Bottom Up. Our grounded feet and ears to the users alerted us in a nick of time that in built ease of working has to be provided for the users to work. This in turn, gave way to our mobility initiatives and work trackers.

“We have recognized the industry needs and accordingly, being nimble and flexible, have helped the customers with our platform to enhance productivity of employees”

Acquaint us with an interesting & challenging case study of one of your latest implementations and describe the before-after scenario.
A very recent example had been of a $26 billion client who has SAP running globally in all their offices. They had an interesting problem of having a visibility of material on the sub-contractors who do Job Work for them. They spent a major part of the day coordinating over the phone finding out about the status of the orders placed and the information was always vested in individuals than in the system. SAP monitored the high level order management and reconciliation but day to day tracking and updation was a challenge. We solved this by providing a portal to them powered by our DigiSec ERP and now they have a seamless exchange of information on the system thus taking away the many hours of manual follow-up’s and updates.

Draw a picture of Tanaashi Technologies’ future roadmap?
Our vision 2025! To provide a robust and scalable Enterprise Technology platform to the Enterprises which can enable them to adapt to the challenges of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 & Grow, by integrations with other enterprise solutions, if required.

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