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TYASuite Software Solutions: Bridging Automation Accessibility Gap by Providing SMBs with World Class Plug and Play ERP Solution

Vikas Mandawewala,Co-Founder

Despite significant contributions to the economy, Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) still remain underserved. They are yet to get a taste of the latest market opportunities, majorly accounting for their lack of access to Cutting-edge technologies, with affordability being the main downpour to their prosperity. By providing them with world-class ERP solutions in an affordable way, TYASuite commits to the upliftment of SMBs and automates every manual business processes into its digital counterpart irrespective of the business's size and the vertical it belongs to. Through its cloud-centric ERP software solutions, TYASuite helps optimize the business process to cater to the dynamic demands of the market. Vikas Mandawewala and Praveen Dokania, the company’s Co-Founders, presents CIO Insider with interesting and insightful factors revolving around the company through an exclusive interview.

In conversation with Vikas Mandawewala and Praveen Dokania Co-Founder, TYASuite Software Solutions

What was the inspiration behind starting this venture and what’s the role played by TYASuite in the ERP industry?
About three years ago, it was dawned upon me that the ERP industry mostly stands in favour of the large-scale businesses, whereas the SMBs would seldom have access to the latest technologies, owing to the high costs at which these technologies are priced at. This lack of accessibility was the inspiration be-hind kick-starting this venture. Another drawback accounted for in the implementation of these solutions was the prolonged implementation time. There is barely any focus on the SMB segment. Hence, at TYASuite, we ensure the SMBs access to world-class ERP software solutions, as we have ensured the affordability of our pricing structures. We have also introduced a Plug-and-Play concept, where companies can fastest Go-live within weeks after

subscribing to our ERP, which means they don’t have to wait for months or quarters to go live. The affordability and go-live concepts are the two primary factors that signify our role in the industry.

Tell us about your portfolio of solutions and what are the kinds of technologies that you engage while building those solutions?
Traditional business management is being radically disrupted in Today's digital economy. We have a complete suite of Cloud ERP Solutions, which is a centralized and integrated digital platform that allows you to manage, monitor and execute all of your business functions from a single suite and can be managed from anywhere, anytime and any device, with interactive dashboards, and powerful reporting tools.

We also provide separate integrated modules in our cloud ERP software that helps manage multiple tasks including Procurement to Pay, Vendor Management, Inventory Management, Asset Management, Sales Order Management, Production Management, Finance and Accounting and Project Management. To which, we incorporate the latest technologies like Angular 10, PHP, Python among others into building these solutions. Further, we are hosted on AWS to give a very high level of confidence to our clients in terms of data security and uptime.

How do you understand your customers’ pain points and offer customized ERP solutions?
We have developed an in-depth discovery process, wherein our teams interact with clients to identify their process and pain points. As mentioned before, our Plug-and-Play module consists of over 3500+ features and through the discovery process, our team picks out the features that are thought best to solve their business problems and based on this, we go about implementing ERP solutions for them.

Could you interest us with a challenging case study of one of your recent deployments?
Our recent implementation was with a client from the Pharma Research and Development segment, which worked on multiple software to meet their internal requirements. They had separate software to process the entire purchase lifecycle. They used one software to get the requirements from their ground team. After which, they had to manually download, compile all requisitions and raise a purchase order (PO), which is sent to the vendor. Once goods are received, they would manually enter again in their inventory software. This intrinsically translated

into a lot of man-hours and process time.

We automated this whole process by deploying our solution. Today, every purchase requisition is automatically sent to the procurement desk after approval by the authorities. Subsequently, people from that desk can send the PO to the vendor with a single click. Auto reminders are being sent to stakeholders. Also, the entire process is recorded in an inventory on a real-time basis, where it displays the amount of inventory they possess, alongside many other vital details. This not only saves a great amount of time and human efforts, but also comes in handy in performing data analytics. Not every Business use case is the same, our platform is capable to solve business complexity of varied types.

Praveen Dokania, Co-Founder

What’s TYASuite’s future roadmap?
Going forward, our mission is to assist businesses in streamlining their business processes regardless of their size by removing all manual work through cloud-based software and complete digitalization. Our vision is to become the world’s #1 Plug-and-Play cloud ERP solutions provider for SMBs and we envision a world in which businesses can achieve 100 percent productivity by automating processes and implementing cutting-edge ERP software.

We are investing heavily in the R&D segment, as we want to ensure that we are able to launch new functionalities in the market. Our target for the next two years is to have more than 10,000 Plug and Play features to cater for the needs of SMBs in the world without any customization requirement.

As we speak, TYASuite has already begged multiple awards like Customer Choice 2020, Most Popular 2020, Best Value 2021, Most Affordable 2021 and Fastest Implementation Awards 2021 – by Software Suggest and Top 20 Procurement Software Globally 2020, Quality Choice 2021, Trusted Vendor 2021, Happiest Users Awards 2021 – by Crozdesk. This proves our commitment to SMBs.

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