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Techblue Software: Support Evangelists for India's FOSS Revolution

Vik Tara , Managing Director

Vik Tara

Managing Director

It’s no breaking news that Open Source is a highly effective vehicle for the transfer of wealth from the industrialized world to developing countries. And it has worked out pretty well for India too. The growth and use of FOSS technology can be credited to the fact that users with the access to the source find it time-saving to fix faults and improve the applications. Besides, the open license simplifies the development process for many enterprises giving flexibility unlike any proprietary or commercial product.

Established in 2004 by the Directors of Technology Blueprint Limited- a UK-based software services and infrastructure consultancy company– Techblue Software Private Limited(TBS) has been into specification, design, development and upgrade of Enterprise-level OpenSource systems, with a proven track-record in delivering B2B services across cloud, desktop, mobile, and web technologies. From systems administration to the development of enterprise applications, dynamic websites, integrated mobile applications, and technical support, Gurugram based Techblue Software offers complete IT solutions to a global client-base.

Plethora of Support Services
“We’re the ones inclined towards bridging the gap between corporate and community”, says VikTara, Managing Director at Techblue Software. Techblue aligns with FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) technologies’ objective to

remain community development focused. Techblue Software specializes in Open Source technologies, Linux, MySQL, KVM, Asterisk/ VOIP, OpenStack, Juju Charms, JBoss Administration, CentOS support, Ubuntu Support, Server Monitoring and Mail Server and Groupware Service, with Software Development expertise in Enterprise Java, HTML5, Phonegap, Liferay and eCommerce. Operating in agile & scrum methodology, this FOSS expert takes a humane approach with clients. Techblue provides an open source software support and consultancy service for all major distributions. The company offers a complete range of Linux services and support solutions, from simple server installations to highly complex application based support.

"The company offers a complete range of Linux services and support solutions, from simple server installations to highly complex application based support'

For businesses looking for license-free, fully-customizable, powerful, hardware-independent, virus/ spyware free, and robust Operating System, LINUX has always been the universal answer. Accordingly, Techblue offers LINUX features like REDHAT, CentOS and Ubuntu.

Techblue’s decadal experience in supporting Linux and open source products makes it the preferred choice of most businesses that are en route digitally transform. Techblue Software understands the great benefits to clients who implement such technologies: saving money on licensing, working with established standards, and gaining advantage from the vast community knowledge-base of open-source development experts.

The company provides support for a plethora of FOSS technologies like- Linux, OpenStack etc. The portfolio also includes support for databases like-MySQL, MariaDB, Postgre. Also provides support for Asterisk VoIP platform and KVM Virtualization. In Java ecosystem, Techblue offers support to Jboss and Wildfly application services.

Remarkable Client Encounters
A comprehensive digital solutions provider serving the global publishing fraternity has been a client of Techblue Software for more than 4 years now. The client approached Techblue Software for a major server migration from RHEL4 to CentOS 6 which was a success. This also included services migration like Oracle Database and PHP. They have been satisfied with the services and have approached Techblue for many open source support services ever since. Techblue has an ongoing relationship with them now.

Similarly,an Indian statistical laboratory setup for research or training of statistics, development of theoretical Statistics and its applications in various natural and social sciences, requested for quotations against the tender like any other government organization. Techblue was shortlisted due to the maximum support features with a low financial quote. The quoted amount helped them save money while gliding onto open source. Techblue has been supporting their Email, Web servers and providing Backup Services to one of its subsidiary centres focused in academics in Delhi since 2015; the year India announced its open source policy for eGovernance projects. This client has found the services to be very professional and is highly satisfied with Techblue’s support services.

“We are Open Source evangelists, we live and breathe FOSS. And therefore, not only we’re providing support to FOSS technologies, but we intend to create more FOSS technologies so that the community at large can benefit from this FOSS revolution”, adds Vik Tara, Managing Director, Techblue Software.

Vik also believes that India is at the centre of this FOSS revolution with more developers fuelling this revolution than anywhere else in the world. Leveraging this scenario, Techblue Software is all set to lead the reckoning of more advanced Open Source
technologies in India.

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