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Techdoquest: Revolutionizing IT Services Industry with Digital Transformation Solutions

Siva Bikkina , CEO & Managing Director

Siva Bikkina

CEO & Managing Director

The COVID-19 pandemic brought along unprecedented challenges for businesses, and the need for digital transformation has become the need of the hour. The rise of technology and the digital economy have created a significant shift in the way businesses operate. As a result, IT services companies are playing a crucial role in supporting businesses to navigate through the current challenging times. Based out of Canada, TECHDOQUEST is a leading IT services corporation that has been making a considerable impact in the IT services industry.

Founded in 2018 by Siva Bikkina, TECHDOQUEST is recognized for its offerings which include custom software development, IT recruitment, and digital transformation services. The firm has also developed cutting-edge strategies in Enterprise modernization, Cloudification, DevOps, and Digital Talent Strategy that have helped its clients predict, simulate, plan, and anticipate future business outcomes in the digital economy. TECHDOQUEST has been able to deploy technological solutions that have been successful in scaling businesses, growing revenues, reducing costs, creating operational agility, and increasing brand visibility and outreach for their customers. Uniquely positioned in this domain, the firm has been able to offer technological solutions to different industries including Technology, Start-ups, Banking, Retail, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Telecom, Education, and Healthcare. The firm is driven with the objective to continue making an impact in the IT services industry.

In this one-on-one interaction with CIO Insider, Siva Bikkina, CEO & Managing Director shares more details about the journey of TECHDOQUEST.

Can you provide a brief overview of

TECHDOQUEST's position and role in the IT services industry?
We are a Canadian corporation that was set up in late 2018. Initially, TECHDOQUEST's focus was on providing recruitment services to clients in Canada. However, by early 2020, We diversified into digital transformation consulting, where now we work with clients to understand their operational problems and offer digital solutions that help clients move towards digitalization.

TECHDOQUEST understands that acknowledging customer expectations, pain points, and onground reality is crucial to address them with the right solutions

Today, we position ourselves as a Customer-First and People First company that offers services in software development, IT recruitment, and digital marketing. TECHDOQUEST is also developing products to address challenges in recruitment and e-commerce spaces.

How have your services impacted your customers, and what is the customer experience like?
TECHDOQUEST has had a significant impact on various industries including technology, startups, banking, retail, hospitality, food and beverage, telecom, education, and healthcare. We have successfully deployed technological solutions that have helped customers scale their businesses, reduce costs, increase brand visibility, and create operational agility. Our cutting-edge strategies in enterprise modernization, cloudification, DevOps, and digital talent strategy have helped customers predict, simulate, plan, and anticipate future business outcomes in the digital economy.

How do you ensure customer satisfaction at each stage of deploying your services, and what approach do you take?
TECHDOQUEST understands that acknowledging customer expectations, pain points, and onground reality is crucial to address them with the right solution. We validate solutions early on by reviewing the requirements or

demoing the product with stakeholders. We also use data to drive the client's decision-making process by identifying the right KPIs to track. This approach helps us address challenging touchpoints promptly. We also drive PR or social media campaigns during each customer journey stage to bring out the value and usability of the product. Lastly, we measure and track progress diligently and focus on scaling customer success and identifying advocates of services.

Can you provide a case study that reflects the success of deploying your offerings to solve a customer's problem statement?
One of TECHDOQUEST's retail customers was upgrading its ERP solution and moving to the latest cloud ERP solution. During the implementation, we observed that individual SAAS systems did not talk to each other, creating inefficiencies in their operations and the need for manual swivel chairs by agents to support customer orders. TECHDOQUEST helped deploy custom solutions built on technologies like RPA to overcome the deficiency of SAAS products while making the overall process deliver to the customer's expectations.

What is TECHDOQUEST's future roadmap, and where do you see the company in the next five years?
TECHDOQUEST plans to continue embracing its customer first and people first approach while ensuring that all its solutions and deliverables meet or exceed the ROI expectations of its customers. We plan to diversify our portfolios while strengthening our roots, developing the right solutions, and acquiring new customers. Our immediate focus is on rolling out two products that address inefficiencies in the recruitment industry and enhance the day today operations of retail commerce solutions.

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