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United Layer: Making Businesses Ready For The Technologically Advanced World

Abhijit Phanse,   CEO

Businesses across varied sectors have revised their operational methodologies to stay competitive in these turbulent times. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for a given company. With disparate solutions, such as data centers, private and public clouds, and SaaS, involved in creating IT infrastructure across departments, various complexities must be considered and addressed when meeting the demands of a specific business. Furthermore, managing this infrastructure is complex, and getting departments to work together is burdensome.

Unitedlayer, which started as a data center company 22 years ago in San Francisco, has evolved to become the frontrunner in offering best-in-class hybrid cloud solutions, private cloud infrastructure services, and distributed cloud management SaaS platforms to drive enterprise business growth. Today, Unitedlayer caters to global clients, including large enterprises, governmental institutions, and SMEs.

"From a single data center in San Francisco 22 years ago, UNITEDLAYER has become a leading hybrid cloud & software-defined private cloud provider delivering solutions from 150+ locations worldwide"

In conversation with Abhijit Phanse, CEO, UNITEDLAYER.

Briefly describe UNITEDLAYER 's role and position in the IT space.
Over the last 22 years, we have developed and refined our products to adapt to the evolving IT space. Understanding the diverse requirements and pain points of hundreds of clients, we have developed solutions to become one of the leading hybrid cloud, software-defined private cloud, and distributed cloud management companies today. Our hybrid cloud solution can deliver next-generation colocation offerings, highly connected software-defined private clouds, and a sophisticated cloud management platform for seamless management, monitoring, and governance of the hybrid cloud environment. We have also developed a robust private cloud solution, which is agile, configurable, and purely software-defined a Generation 3 (G3) private cloud solution delivered across over 150 locations worldwide. This solution has become the underlying private cloud solution for major enterprises. Many global system integrators worldwide operate their enterprise clients on our private cloud platform and use it to create significant business successes for their clients.

What approach do you take to help customers find the right cloud platform for their needs?
For any given customer, we recognize that it is not just the type of cloud infrastructure but also the interactions of the operators with this cloud that determines the right platform solution for this customer. We review the customer's security, performance, compliance, and cost objectives to select the appropriate cloud approach.

We study the customer's operations team's interactions with their systems. How do you automate those interactions? How do you bring more intelligence? To address this, we have created a suite of management tools, from data center infrastructure management, artificial intelligence, cloud management platforms, and cost management, to sustainability and carbon footprint assessment. We bring this suite of software management platforms to help customers navigate hybrid cloud deployments, manage them efficiently, predict their capacity requirements, and deliver high performance across disparate environments.

We Invest In People, Processes, Partnerships, And Technologies To Drive Innovation Through Our Products Like G3 Private Cloud And Unity one cloud Saas

What makes your company an ideal choice for SMEs, government agencies, and enterprises for hybrid and multicloud investments?
Most businesses recognize the value of digital transformation in enabling performance and growth, which has led to growing demand for hybrid cloud solutions. UNITEDLAYER is focused on laying the foundation and building the tracks for enterprises to seamlessly migrate to the appropriate hybrid cloud infrastructure solution and reap the benefits of digital transformation. Enterprises are now adopting hybrid cloud environments to deliver end-to-end solutions for their businesses. UNITEDLAYER recognized almost 15 years ago that IT would be hybrid, a mix of data centers, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructure, and embarked on developing optimal cloud and software solutions to help customers operate these hybrid cloud footprints. UNITEDLAYER's G3 Private Cloud is high-performance, secure, scalable, interconnected, and compatible with the customer's legacy infrastructure. It is significantly cost effective compared to customers' existing data center footprints or other private or public cloud solutions. G3 creates tremendous value for our customers.

How do you ensure customer lifecycle satisfaction at each stage of deploying your services?
We believe in a consultative approach, wherein our engagement starts with a conversation, which we call a discovery session. Here, we try to comprehend pain areas, corporate goals, and the future roadmap. We understand the impact of business system downtime on our customer's client attrition and customer satisfaction. It is critical to map the client's journey over the coming three years. Knowing this, we can create an optimized strategy that can scale to meet our client's business needs and account for their future requirements to avoid deficiencies and discontinuous changes, which are costly and disruptive.

Further, we have an onboarding process where we develop a standard operating procedure for our customers. Along the way, UNITED LAYER conducts Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) to analyze our solution's performance and get continuous feedback. Our performance metrics are presented transparently with no obfuscation of reality. We partner with our clients from the initial

discovery phase to solution design, delivery, and customer engagement, where customer feedback is incorporated in continuously fine tuning the solution. As our clients encounter compliance regulations or other requirements, we partner with them to develop solutions to help them win with their customers.

How do you nurture growth and learning culture in your workforce to contribute towards their growth and the company's growth?
UNITEDLAYER has a diverse group of highly skilled employees. Our employees are our most valuable asset. We have heavily invested in their theoretical and practical training, allowing them to embark on complex projects, broaden their perspectives on various facets of technology, and become more well-rounded individuals. Today, many businesses construct silos in which an employee is assigned to perform one specialized, compartmentalized task. We believe in bringing together cross-functional teams from various disciplines and encouraging them to innovate across frontiers. We embrace pushing boundaries and taking risks while building products. It is easy to become comfortable with what you are good at, but if you do not try something new, test the limits and be prepared to fail, you will stagnate and not innovate. Our pace of innovation is our significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. We thoroughly test our solutions in our extensive labs to harden them so that they can run mission-critical applications for our enterprise customers with extremely high reliability and assurance.

What is the future roadmap envisioned
for UNITEDLAYER? Where is it headed
for the next five years?

UNITEDLAYER is focusing on two business dimensions. Firstly, we have the best-in-class hybrid and private cloud solutions. We have developed a lot of innovations to make the hybrid cloud a robust solution that is agile and can be used to deliver critical business needs. Our G3 Private Cloud is the world's leading software-defined private cloud solution, and it comes connected with over 100 high-value services. All the ancillary services that customers need to make cloud infrastructure support their businesses are readily available as hardened, engineered services, enabling customers to deploy their applications and run their businesses speedily and efficiently. UNITEDLAYER is expanding globally, helping our customers grow to a global scale on our platform.

Secondly, UNITEDLAYER has the leading Software as-a-Service solution for managing hybrid clouds. Our UNITY ONE CLOUD SaaS solution has five major platforms data center infrastructure management, artificial intelligence operations, cloud management, cost management, and sustainability; Cumulatively, these platform solutions deliver unified cloud intelligence. Over the coming years, we will continue investing in enriching those solutions to make hybrid cloud management easy and robust and a key enabler to seamless hybrid cloud deployment.

We invest in people, processes, partnerships, and technologies to drive innovation through our products like G3 Private Cloud and UNITYONECLOUD SaaS. Our core mission remains to deliver high performing hybrid cloud and software management solutions to enable our customers to build successful businesses.

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United Layer: Making Businesses Ready For The Technologically Advanced World