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Technoriya eTechnologies: Spearheading Businesses with Wired & Wireless Solutions

Neeraj Kumar, CEO

Technoriya eTechnologies Private Limited (TeTPL) is one of the industries rapidly growing business companies with business in ERP& IoT projects consulting & implementation. TeTPL is a pioneer in next generation networks for both fixed line and wireless services and it has deployed various fiberoptic cables in India. TeTPL is in the process of support services in fourth generation long term evolution(4G LTE) networks with speed of upto 30 mega bits per second(Mbps) and above. The CEO of Technoriya shares some more insights on the company’s operations.

In conversation with Neeraj Kumar, CEO, Technoriya eTechnologies

As more and more vendors are striving to make viable IoT products and services which are easier to deploy, new developments like 5G and smart cities will bring with them added complexity to contend with. How does Technoriya eTechnologies work in this domain?
We are heading towards IoT revolution, which will be helpful in Smart City, basically automation of all kinds smart grid, smart energy and smart meters. We intend to create a real time scenario through which people will be having update in real time. Governance too will be easier. This will allow them to have a pre-budget speculation and accordingly plan their upcoming growth.

Integrated IoT platform is the new set of challenges coming up. Every state’s government has its own centre of excellence which is not synchronized and we as an IoT led firm intend to eradicate those challenges.

Using communication protocols to create a global network, the IoT leverages sensors, mobile devices, and Internet connectivity to boost interactions and obtain data points between physical and nonphysical objects. What kind of products and solutions does Technoriya eTechnologies provide in this changing phase of time?
Currently, we are catering via different product vendors and partners,but in future we intend to create our own ecosystem. As of now, we offer Optical Fiber Cable, Broadband, Optical equipments, 4G series and installation. We are rapidly growing with specialized focus on ERP & IoT consultation and implementation projects.

Technoriya's smart city solutions are designed keeping in mind the growing importance of information and communication technologies

We are a multifaceted company providing a range of telecom software products (RF repeaters & optical repeaters), managed ERP services & IOT consulting (Smart Energy & Smart metering) as par the requirement of clients.

What kind of products and solutions does Technoriya offer to this swarming market full of IoT players?
We provide high performance Broadband solutions for Wired and wireless which is based on 4G LTE & OFC cable include Data, Video, Voice etc. Technoriya technologies comprehensive strengths in Wired & Wireless Broadband, Optical Fiber Cable based on 4G. In OFC & 4G services we provide approximate up to 100Mbps speed. Our industry leading technologies empower everyone from the consumer to the enterprise to seamlessly move, manage, and consume their data. From the cloud to the car, TeTPL is driving the proliferation of always on,high performance, power efficient solutions. We work hand in

hand with our partners and provide all of the necessary tools to deliver high quality products & services for every price point in every market.

What are the differentiating factors that set Technoriya apart?
It is all about different technologies. The company that can improvise for clients and integrate client’s existing technology setup or offer new integrated setup, prevails and flourishes. So we are 1 such organization that offer tailor made integrated solutions as per customer needs. Currently, electrical industry has been the more responsive to our offerings and in future we’re venturing into industrial automation.

Rapid urbanization has mandated the need for smart city solutions. Tell us about your advancements towards Smart City offerings.
Technoriya's smart city solutions are designed keeping in mind the growing importance of information and communication technologies(ICTs). Our comprehensive suite of smart city solutions ranges from traffic management,energy efficiency to e-governance, intelligent lighting systems, home and building efficiency systems and smart healthcare.

Our strong focus on IoT/M2M and deep understanding of wireless design and connectivity solutions, has led to our nomination to the Bureau of Indian Standards a panel to help design the standards on Smart Infrastructure for Indian Smart Cities. We also have several global collaborations with recognized and trusted technology ecosystems, including the Intel IOT Solution Alliance, Thread Group, IoT Global Network and Zigbee alliance.

Having accomplished such milestones, where do you see Technoriya eTechnologies headed in the years to come?
Our mission is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else. We intend to create a partner program and build a 1 window solution for everyone. IoT training is one thing that we feel should be implemented at the earliest in this domain and doing our bit to eventually be able to use the resources for further advancements.

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