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SmartinfoLogiks: Analyze Anything and Everything with Cost-Effective Enterprise Solutions

Kshyana Prava , CEO & Co-Founder

Kshyana Prava

CEO & Co-Founder

By realizing the business need, SmartinfoLogiks builds technology to deliver innovative ICT products,solution & services that enable clients to win in the ever changing world of technology. The CEO gives a walk through as to how the company has reached great heights in a short span of time.

In conversation with Kshyana Prava, CEO & Co-Founder, SmartinfoLogiks

More and more companies and cities will adopt IoT solutions with a goal of improving the environment and the society for the greater good. In what ways does SmartinfoLogiks is helping its customers to drive their digital & IoT programs from start to success?
SmartinfoLogiks MonitorBEE is a unique platform that can communicate, transform and analyze data from any standard & IoT devices. In doing so, it utilizes the very best of latest technologies like Transmutation, Blockchain, Mediation, BigData, AI and Infographics. SmartinfoLogiks also has been working on advanced HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) capabilities which allow MonitorBEE to connect and control remotely via multiple mediums to gain valuable insights. SmartinfoLogiks is also working on Variable Trait Analysis AI engine, which can help predict various anomalies and relativity in environment.

Further our pragmatic approach ensures cost effective build and support costs at the same time upholding the quality of service for our clients. SmartinfoLogiks

team work as an extension to our customers’ inhouse team in setting up, managing and responding to requirements.

We have successfully implemented IoT solutions in Energy management, OnChip Warranty Management, Battery Management & in FMCG Industry

Almost all the business is inclining towards IoT development companies to get the technology integrated into their businesses. In what ways do SmartinfoLogiks’s services provide benefits to customers in this changing pace of time?
MonitorBEE platform allows a direct and multipoint /endpoint connectivity with devices, we also support edge computing powered IoT Gateways and IoT Routers. This allows our customer’s to gain access to devices scattered across multiple geolocation and environmental conditions. It helps them and their customer’s analyze the impact and take proactive actions and post impact recovery actions at the speed of thoughts. Any standard protocol based devices can be directly plug into MonitorBEE, as the system automatically reallocates resources for post processing of unavailable models and learning from the available resource nodes about how to handle incoming wave of data. Automatic device configuration helps in reducing their operational cost & start upfront analysis of device data. This allows Enterprises to integrate IoT into their workflow and business operations pretty quick and efficiently

Security will continue to be a big challenge especially when you start to bring the vast IoT data in the cloud for Machine Learning and AI purposes. How do you overcome these challenges?

SmartinfoLogiks MonitorBEE platform allows customersto connect their devices directly via virtual secure nodes launched at customer’s site locally via MBEE Boxes, Computers or via encrypted channels from advanced IoT capable devices. Point being data transmitted to and back from MonitorBEE are encrypted using advanced algorithms. By using End to End encryption for Data Transfers between nodes, we provide security to our networks.Second, all our transactional/motor networks are capable of using blockchain to communicate and save the transactions. This provides transactional security for long running process and important process.

Share us a success story about one of your implementations that can help us bring out a good story about SmartinfoLogiks?
We have successfully implemented IoT solutions in Energy management, OnChip Warranty Management,Battery Management & in FMCG Industry. The biggest challenge while implementation of an IoT solution comes from the legacy hardware already existing without clients. There we have done a loT advancement using our platform. Features like auto device configuration, onchip warranty management solution helps our clients to reduce their operational expenses nearly 30-40 percent which overall creates a great impact on improving their ROI.

Where is the company headed in the years to come? What are your future innovation goals?
As SmartinfoLogiks, we believe in Connect, Automate and Analyze. A connected reality is nearing us. We surely want to be in the first row. Our vision at Monitor BEE center of SmartinfoLogiks, we believe everything can be connected and automated with best of interaction interfaces for Human.

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