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Tekroi: Assisting SMEs to Stay Digitally Progressive & Grow their Business Faster

Anitha Vennapusa,   Co-Founder

Anitha Vennapusa


Tech parks are mushrooming across the globe in rapid pace. New businesses are being set up in every industry and seamless globalization in this digital era is adding the required fuel to this growth. Entrepreneurs are coming up with advanced ideas and building their businesses with smart strategies and implementing techniques. However, as it is believed that deligating work is the most important and effective decision that a leader can make, the founders of businesses are following the same. While focus on the growth of their businesses stay paramount, they are looking for partners and experienced agencies to take the heavy load of their company incorporation and back office tasks.

This has led to the upsurge in the market demand for business incorporation companies mainly among the SMEs. However, often than not, they fail due to lack of funds as they miss out on cutting edge technology that would help them boost their businesses with agility and with better outcomes. They lack the necessary funds to equip their businesses with advanced technology and are in need partners who are experts in digitally transforming businesses with advanced technology and most importantly at affordable rates. TEKROI, a leading SAP startup understands this need in the market and cater to it by helping SMEs transform their businesses with technology adoption At the cost which will be affordable for them.

In conversation with Anitha Vennapusa, Co-Founder we will learn more about the company and how it is transforming the business journey of SMEs.

Tell us about the inception story of TEKROI and the benchmarks it has set

in the industry so far.
Large enterprises have the capacity to invest and deploy teams for digital transformation. On the other hand, SMEs are often unable to make investments in this area of business. They face a plethora of challenges, the most important ones being their need for Digital Transformation and Technology Advancement (Building Intelligence), Adoption and Implementation of several technology and more.

We always stay on top of the evolving techno logical trends thereby offering our clients the best possible digital tools and stay digitally progressive

At TEKROI, we understand this impediment and strive to work as a partner who shares this load. Our mission is to assist SMEs succeed and grow faster than ever. Thus we work with the aim to bring latest technologies handy to SME’s for seamless business operations, maximum business outcomes, and enhanced growth.

Our main strength lies in implementing complex SAP Business One implementations. Moreover, our in-depth experience and the unmatched capabilities of the team has made solution implementations just a cakewalk. Along with SAP Business One we also strive to bring Analytics, Mobile Apps, Machine Learning and IoT handy to SMEs.

We offer a CRM mobile App and have built complete AIML Model for Agri Commodity Warehousing customers. To enhance the digital experience of our customers, we also offer IoT integration and service management along with many other products to one of our US based water purifier rental-based client.

What are the factors taken into consideration in executing solutions in a timely and noncomplex manner?
With every offerings and effective implementation strategy we drive customer’s business toward success. Our team puts extra efforts to enhance customer satis faction and stay ahead

of the competitors by establishing good partnership and long standing relationship with customer as solution provider. Utmost importance is given to designing key stake holder and understanding their priorities at all times. In addition, our aim always lies in effectively administering and governing solution implantation for our clients for seamless experience.

What is the value additions offered to SMBs?
As we focus on SMEs and their growth journey, we keep no stones unturned to understand their businesses and offer them the latest technologies available in the market. This way they stay on top of the trends and maximize their business outcomes with much ease. We excel in offering them services that are coupled with unmatched analytics, mobile applications, machine learning and IoT.

Moreover, we at TEKROI always stay on top of the evolving technological trends in the industry, thereby offering our clients the best possible digital tools and stay digitally progressive. With our experience in the arena we have successfully solved multiple use cases for our clients.

What are the future plans of TEKROI? How does it plan to execute them?
Since our inception, we have focused on offering top-notch services to our clients as per their unique needs and needless to say that we have always put our clients’ satisfaction at the top of our priority list. This has helped us to rapidly grow in the industry and now we are eyeing at a brighter future too. In next five years we want to digitally transform as many SMEs as possible and that target number is a whopping Rs.1 Lakh. Our mission to offer affordable cloud solutions to clients with embedded analytics and machine learning will help us stay at the top of our aim to lead the market space as well.

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