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PTS Systems and Solutions: Making a Mark as a Trusted SAP Partner Could

  Sachin Dhane,     Founder

Sachin Dhane


An effective and easy-to-use ERP system is always an asset for a business but finding a partner that facilitates access to such a system isn’t always easy. To make the most of their investments in an ERP, businesses need to associate with a consultancy that is focused on delivering measurable results on time. One such company that enables businesses across all the industry verticals to achieve operational efficiency is PTS Systems and Solutions. It is one of the fast growing SAP partners in the country that delivers more value, control and visibility using its expertise in SAP.

The company offers a multitude of business efficiencies to its customers and has earned recognition as a SAP partner among its clientele. In a detailed interaction with CIO Insider, the founder and CEO, Sachin Dhane further talks about the company’s journey and the efforts given by him and his team is the reason behind the favorable outcome of the firm.

In conversation with Sachin Dhane, Founder & CEO.

Could you walk us through PTS Systems and Solutions’ inception story? Also, help us understand what has been the driving force that has enabled the company effectively fulfil the clients’ needs over the years?
I founded PTS Systems and Solutions in 2013. I bring 25 years of experience in SAP implementation, which I utilised to establish my own consultancy, which is a successful SAP partner in India today. We ensure operational efficiency, profit ability and growth for businesses operating in a variety of verticals. With our consistent efforts, we have been able to re-engineer processes for clients

using SAP products, ensuring smooth operations and an improved ROI for them.

What is the impact that the company’s portfolio of solutions ensures to the clients across industries?
We are a SAP solution provider with an impressive track record of delivering significant results to our clients. Most importantly, it’s timely service and prompt response that makes us stand out. We have always been acclaimed for on time deliverables among our clients.

We are India’s Leading SAP Partner with an impressive track record of delivering significant results to our clients

We have made that possible with the consistent efforts of our dedicated support team that brings specialisation and expertise in different verticals. We also have automatic electronic ticketing systems in place where all the tickets for clients’ requirements are raised. Our support and implementation teams thereafter address the issues in a timely manner, without any delays. This is the key point that gets us most of the appreciation from clients.

Could you elaborate on how your SAP services and support maximise the value of the customers’ solutions? Also give us a reallife example of how your services have benefitted a specific client.
Our organisation is focused on ensuring effective and smooth management of our clients’ businesses using SAP products. We aim to deliver added value to each of our clients with more control and visibility into their data. With our SAP support and implementations, businesses are able to witness measurable benefits and enhanced efficiency in their operations, which makes us a preferred SAP partner for them.

SAP Business One is one of our core offerings that remains a go-to solution for many small and medium sized businesses to manage every aspect of their company. We also help our

clients access other SAP products such as SAP S4 HANA, Business Intelligence (SAP Business Objects), SAP Business By Design, SAP, ECC All in One and SAP FIORI along with SAP Add on tools. Along with ensuring these operational efficiencies, our goal is to offer maximum ROI to our customers against their investments in SAP products.

For instance, a plastic manufacturing company reaped significant benefits out of their association with PTS Systems and Solutions. We offered complete automation to this client, right from production to ensuring quality checks after every two hours in compliance with their industry norms. We integrated our system with their PLC machines, which allowed all the data to flow into SAP.This improved operational efficiency for the client as all the processes consumed less time and the data required for top management to assess was easily available at their fingertips through SAP products.

What capabilities does PTS Systems & Solutions ensure to its clients through SAP implementations?
We use technologies like AI and ML to simplify our clients’ processes. Through our dashboards, we place data at the fingertips of the clients’ top management irrespective of whether they are in the premise or not. We give them access to real time data along with the solutions that help them track each and every salesperson and other employees using SAP products.

More so, our ecosystem is totally aligned and focused on delivering RISE with SAP to our customers in a seamless manner. With these capabilities and consistent support for SAP products, we aim to simplify each customer's shift to the cloud and bring continuous innovation along the business transformation journey.

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PTS Systems & Solutions: Making A Mark As A Trusted SAP Partner