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Telenity: Harnessing the True Power of Your Network

 Ilhan Bagoren,   CEO

Telenity, a prominent player in the telecom industry, is recognized as a leading provider of state-of-the-art services and solutions for communications service providers (CSPs) globally. Established in 2000, Telenity has been at the forefront of research and innovation, consistently expanding its R&D facility to develop intelligent digital products and services. With offices in various regions, including the USA, Europe, Dubai, and India, Telenity has a global presence and actively collaborates with CSPs to meet their diverse needs. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and innovation, Telenity has gained recognition from prominent players within the mobile ecosystem making it a trusted and preferred partner for communication service providers.

Ilhan Bagoren, CEO shares more about Telenity in this one on one interaction with CIO Insider, let’s read on.

Could you provide a brief overview of Telenity's journey as a prominent communications service provider?
Telenity, founded in 2000 in Connecticut, USA, began as a telecommunication company. Over the years, the company has expanded its reach and now operates offices in various locations, including the USA, Europe, Dubai, and India. In 2005, Telenity established its Indian operation, with its headquarters situated in New Delhi, focusing on Location Based Services and Tracking Solutions for Telecom and Enterprise partners.

Currently, Telenity serves over 40 countries, providing its services to more than 1 billion mobile users worldwide. In India, the company has emerged as the leading provider of tracking solution technology.

Tell us about your primary products and services and what sets you apart as a reliable choice for customers.
Telenity stands out as a leading provider of cutting-edge services and solutions

for communications service providers (CSPs) on a global scale. Our offerings empower customers to leverage the full potential of their networks, thanks to our NFV-enabled, 5G-ready VAS Consolidation Platform and Digital Services Platform. These platforms consist of modular products and services that can be customized to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Telenity serves over 40 countries, providing its services to more than 1 billion mobile users worldwide

One of our flagship products is Enkudo, which forms an integral part of our Digital Service Suite. This exceptional solution has been deployed in over 40 locations worldwide, showcasing its effectiveness and reliability. Additionally, our SIM-based location tracking service is another distinctive offering that caters to over a million active subscribers daily in India, facilitating various applications such as fleet management, staff monitoring, asset tracking, disaster management, emergency services, and IoT applications, among others.

Our extensive expertise and proficiency in the telecom industry have earned us recognition from prominent players within the mobile ecosystem worldwide. This acknowledgment has made Telenity a preferred and trusted brand among our valued partners. Our commitment to delivering innovative and tailored solutions ensures that we remain a reliable choice for customers seeking top-tier services in the telecommunications sector.

Describe the customer experience and provide a case study illustrating how your solutions positively impacted a client's operations.
At Telenity, our unwavering focus has always been on providing a customer-centric experience. For over two decades, we have been dedicated to enhancing productivity and streamlining business operations for small, medium, and large enterprises in India through our SIM-based location tracking services.

A remarkable case study of our services involves a government-associated agency in southern India responsible for waste collection management. This operation entails time sensitive

processes that require meticulous monitoring, considering the substantial task force involved and the vast area covered. However, a significant challenge emerged as the task force consisted of individuals from low-income groups without access to smartphones, rendering the use of mobile apps impossible.

Telenity provided the services to the client after the consultation. The incorporation of map data with time stamps allowed scheduling managers to comprehend delays, leading to more efficient manpower planning. As a result, the over all attendance and scheduling process became highly efficient and cost-effective, saving the client millions in terms of recovered man-hours that would have otherwise been lost.

How does Telenity build its team and ensure they stay updated with the latest trends and market fluctuations?
Telenity places a strong emphasis on gender equality, fostering an environment where both male and female employees are equally represented. Striving for overall employee development and work life balance, we actively support our staff in achieving their professional and personal aspirations. To ensure our team stays well-informed about the latest market trends, we prioritize upskilling and provide regular skill development training and support. Through frequent employee engagement and awareness campaigns on various topics such as environment, wellness, and women's safety, we aim to nurture and educate our staff. Our open-door policy ensures that every member feels included and has ample opportunities for growth within the organization.

What does the future hold for Telenity? What is the envisioned roadmap for the next five years?
Telenity is committed to research and innovation, and we have been actively expanding our R&D facility to develop intelligent digital products and services. Our global presence is continuously growing, particularly in developing economies, through our Digital Service Platforms. Over the next five years, we aspire to revolutionize the landscape of digital value-added services for Telecom and communication solution providers. Our ambitious goal is to reach and serve more than 5 billion mobile users by the year 2030. This vision drives our dedication to create a transformative impact in the industry and expand our footprint on a global scale.

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