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Thinkonic Software: Assisting Clients Build Their Products Via Multiple Cloud Platforms


On-boarded by a team of experts who are well adept in building products for its clients at blazing fast speeds, Thinkonic Software was founded by Piyush Thacker. Located in Nagpur, Maharashtra – the company offers specialized IT infrastructure solutions based on multiple Cloud computing platforms which includes the likes of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Piyush Thacker further explains about the company’s work engagements centred on data services in detail below.

In conversation with Piyush Thacker, Co-founder, Thinkonic Software

Cloud was the answer to business organizations for higher efficiency of IT capabilities. Give a succinct idea on how Thinkonic Software embarked its journey as a start-up player in the technology domain.
Since its establishment, Thinkonic was a Cloud ready company. Our IT infrastructure is based on Cloud; we have Office 365 integrated into the organization, source control on Cloud, and the entire active directory – in our domain is on Cloud. We are using Cloudbased platform in our day-to-day execution. We are moving to Cloud platforms of different types to meet our client’s requirements. We keep on exploring these new platforms and get ourselves hands-on into that. Thinkonic is not an outsourcing company, but helps clients build their products, and set their ideas into reality.

What are the services offered by Thinkonic Software to enterprises looking for business transformation?
We are right now into the staff augmentation and custom application development part. We leverage on different Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon. We have hands-on experience in all these Cloud platforms and keep on doing research on what is new in these platforms. In Amazon, we are exploring media services and hyper media services which help in live streaming and support. We are working

with Salesforce and Heroku platform for leveraging the salesforce platform for the clients for 3s model, which is, Service, Sales and After-sales support. We are mostly on Microsoft based Clouds such as Azure, Visual, SharePoint, and Office 365. We are using all these collaborative tools basically to store data in Cloud in the required format.

Thinkonic is not an outsourcing company, but helps clients build their products, and set their ideas into reality

What are some of the major challenges that pertains you in the industry?
It’s very challenging right now to quickly publish something into the market. Basically the methodology we are using right now is extreme programming. The biggest challenge for an outsourcing company is communication, but with rapid feedback we get around this because the client on daily basis knows what goes wrong, what has been developed and has it sufficed the mistakes or not. So right now, the challenge with many companies these days is that they are kind of very rigid about the requirement from the client. If the requirement is written down into a statement of work they just stick to it and they just start to basically discuss whether it's a change required or it's a defect. So that takes a lot of time from all the stakeholders.

Share one of your successful implementations so that we could bring out a story into the profile.
One of the clients had this screen for entering customer's data, which had in total 25 fields on the screen. So we built a screen, that needed a mandatory implementation and then basically some of the fields also needed a third party. So all of that data and things

when the teams initially started was just in a form of 25 fields but then we figured out that among 25 fields only 10 fields were doing third party integration, and those third party integrations are fairly complex to be, and time consuming. So we went back to the stakeholders asking whether they really want to do all of these 10 in one go? , because that's going to cost them a lot of money to buy new services, ATI interfaces for all those 10 third party services and also it will take us time to basically understand and implement it properly. So a decision was being made. Out of those 10 fields we only required three third party integrations and other data can be done manually. It was a new product they were trying to demonstrate it to the venture capitalists. So, slowly in 6 months or 8 months of time we had integrated all the 10 fields. That saved them about four to five months of developmental effort , so they were really happy to invest that added amount of money they saved into their sales and marketing to get more customer traction.

Piyush Thacker,Co-Founder & Director

What is the future roadmap that you have conceived for Thinkonic Software?
Thinkonic is an idea where we want to build a team which is basically as I mentioned earlier is part of the journey with the client and also we would like to be technology and strategic partners with the clients in the Asia Pacific and Europe-Middle east- Asia (EMEA) region. That's our overall strategy of the company or the future plan for the company.

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