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ThoughtClan Technologies: Solving Business Critical Problems through IT services

Janakiraman TK, CTO,Harish Kashyap, CEO

Janakiraman TK, CTO

Harish Kashyap, CEO

ThoughtClan is a clan of IT professionals with similar thoughts, mindsets, and working cultures who thrive on applying technology to solve business and IT challenges. ThoughtClan, based out of Bengaluru, delivers digital solutions for clients in Digital Commerce, Artificial Intelligence and Engineering space. Hence, to know more about their services and work, Janakiraman TK, CTO and Harish Kashyap, CEO, who explain how ThoughtClan bridges the gap between business & technology and enable the business to perform better.

In conversation with Harish Kashyap, CEO, ThoughtClan Technologies

Technology has driven enterprises to achieve significant heights and simplify key business processes. Please explain what are the IT services ThoughtClan Technologies provide for enterprises?
ThoughtClan provides implementation and consulting services in three ways. Firstly, we offer eCommerce implementation using SAP Hybris and Oracle Commerce platforms. We cover both B2C and B2B implementations along with search and other capabilities. Second, we do text analytics, image processing, optical character recognition, blockchain and IoT related implementation services using tensor flow, ABBY, ethereum, and other related technologies. And lastly, we build enterprise-scale business process management, system integration, web and mobile application development services using modern technologies and platforms.

It demands to have an efficient IT team that is ready to apply their knowledge to any kind of business needs. Tell us about your IT team that makes backbone of ThoughtClan Technologies, and also how do they satisfy industries with different demands.
Our IT team is the backbone of the company and we believe in having a conceptually strong, business savvy resource pool with a good structure and mix of senior techno-function leaders, supported by senior and junior developers. Also, we have reusable accelerators by which we focus on automating any kind of manual processes such as testing, environment management and in many cases, even design document and code generation that brings in speed and efficiency. Additionally, we offer strong governance mechanism in the company that ensures quality of deliverables along with on time and on cost delivery for every project and service that is delivered.

We build enterprise-scale business process management, system integration, web and mobile application development services using modern technologies and platforms

There is a common opinion among businesses that IT vendors cannot match the responsiveness and service levels offered by in-house function. This can be because the outsider is not subjected to follow a company’s management directions. How does ThoughtClan Technologies respond to such challenges in the industry?
In my experience, I feel it cannot be viewed as either/or. It is a combination of in-house and outsider working together that brings in success. You need an in-house person to bring in the

context of the problem and an outsider to bring in the solution to the problem. An outsider always brings in a fresh perspective, innovation, and experience of having looked at similar problems within or across the industry. An in-house person can bring-in completeness from problem domain perspective. At ThoughtClan, we stress a lot on building conceptual knowledge, reusable solution, and accelerators, by which the benefits get passed on to the clients. We also reserve 20 percent of our efforts for research and innovation at a company level.

Please provide an example of one of your successful IT service implementations which has gained considerable benefit for that company.
For instrumentation and industrial automation company, we built a platform that helped our client to offer it as a service for their customers who can then use it to rapidly build and deploy an IOT based industrial automation solution. It is a business to business to consumer solution. Because of this service, our client has multiple benefits. Starting with, the client was able to provide the platform as a service to their customers and not just use it for internal purposes. Then, there was rapid application development and deployment for end customers of our client. With the help of our services, our client enters into the new market of competitive advancement and differentiation offering. This also increased their revenue generation model.

What is the blueprint of the company for the years to come?
The company is all about being aimed at applied technologies to solve complex business problems. We would continue to stay focused on providing niche development services and grow in the areas of eCommerce, Data Science, and Enterprise Application Development. Due to our focus on conceptual building and hands-on ability, we will be able to quickly master and learn newer technologies as they evolve.

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