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Kinsfolk Technology: Reimagining the Way to Run the Business Operations

Siddharth Sinha,CEO

Kinsfolk is an IT consultancy and infrastructure service company, dedicated to helping organizations to adopt digital transformation and drive growth by employing the right technologies and processes. Founded in 2014, Kinsfolk is led by passionate team of technocrats who come with a history of IT consulting and project management. Kinsfolk, headquartered in Pune, is serving clients in the USA, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and India across Aviation, BFSI, Retail, Telecom, and Defense & Government Institutions. The CEO, Siddharth Sinha provides more insight into innovation and outcome-driven consultancy.

In conversation with Siddharth Sinha, CEO, Kinsfolk Technology

Technology has become the basic need for survival for every business sector. How is Kinsfolk Technology positioned in this market as a new-comer when the IT sector has already made its way to the central function of every industry?
Kinsfolk Technology is uniquely positioned with strong technical expertise and a consultative approach in delivering enterprise infrastructure management solutions and services. With this approach we have high customer retention rate. Also, we have been growing 100 percent year on year for the last three years. We have built a highly customer-centric team of more than 70 young folks, with average age of 23.

What is the work culture followed within the organization? Throw some light on it.

It’s a competitive market and only value-driven consulting and strong technical expertise let anyone survive. So mostly, team Kinsfolk, spends time talking and understanding customer requirements, their priorities, challenges they face, and how to use technology as a tool to solve their problem. Additionally, team constantly brainstorms about innovative ideas and smarter ways to solve customer challenges. Our sales and marketing team relentlessly work for customer success and partner success through building GTM in line with their offerings and targets.

Kinsfolk Technology is uniquely positioned with strong technical expertise and a consultative approach in delivering enterprise infrastructure management solutions and services

Which industry and customer segment has Kinsfolk Technology been focusing on with regards to their IT Services demands?
Mostly all non-IT enterprises such as banks, financial institutions, manufacturing industries, etc. want to leave their infrastructure management in experts’ hand and that makes us go global rather than limiting ourselves to certain geography. However, we are primarily focused on Middle-East, India, and Americas. We have delivered tons of managed services projects in Middle-East and India and have started focusing on Americas recently. As we provide, implement and support end-to-end enterprise management systems for banking, finance, industrial and government verticals and IT horizontals, we are also focusing on mid to large size banks, insurance, manufacturing companies, and smart city projects in India. The BFSI and industrial segment have experienced the greatest adoption of ITIL based service management as part of their IT compliance, so it remains primary vertical for Kinsfolk.

Brief us about Kinsfolk’s partner strategy?
We have two categories of partners: Technology alliance and global outsourcer. The technology alliance partners build their own products. We sell, implement and support their solutions globally. Also, we develop a joint go-to-market strategy with them to promote and test specific use cases. We have partnership with BMC software and have recently signed partnership agreement with UiPath. The second category is global outsourcer. They are global IMS provider and we work with them on turnkey projects to provide professional services.

Kindly tell us about your implementation story that has become a turning point for your company’s success.
We have served tons of customers so far; however, the feather in the cap is when we delivered solution for the prestigious project, India smart city. The first smart city project made our mark in the ecosystem and further helped us to get various smart city projects. In our first smart city project, we provided enterprise management system that can monitor and manage the citywide setup of video surveillance systems and IT infrastructure from a single-pane-of-glass that resulted in high uptime and significant reduction in support cost.

What further innovation does your company plan in the near future?
We are adding Robotic process automation offerings in our portfolio. As mentioned before, we have recently signed a partnership with UiPath. UiPath has wide-ranging product portfolio which can bring a lot of value to our customers in their digital transformation journey. Furthermore, UiPath support critical use cases for banking such as a credit assessment, and fraud detection. Also, their solution helps in streamlining back-office operations of industries. This is in line with our overall company sales and marketing strategy. Also, we will be focusing on BMC True Sight AIOps solution that helps IT operation teams predict, find and fix issues faster.

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