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Thoughtsol: Striving to Help Businesses Growth with Digital Transformation

  Vinet Kuumar,   CEO

Tell us about THOUGHTSOL’s journey so far in the IT services and consulting industry.
THOUGHTSOL, an IT system integrator and cloud services provider, was established in 2014 with a focus on enabling businesses through digital transformation. Specializing in cloud computing and cybersecurity, we offer a comprehensive range of IT services, including strategy, deployment, management, and digital devices. Based out of Delhi, THOUGHTSOL is led by four experienced entrepreneurs and boasts a skilled team of certified professionals. Currently, we have a 35 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) while delivering successful projects for over 400 clients across various industries. Along with the partnerships with renowned companies like HPE, HP, Google, Apple, and Microsoft THOUGHTSOL has built a reputation for delivering quality services and ensuring customer satisfaction. Today, we are an ideal choice for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and stay competitive through innovative technology solutions.

Give a brief about your flagship solutions and services. What makes you a preferable choice among customers?
THOUGHTSOL Infotech specializes in facilitating digital transformation for businesses, with a strong focus on cloud and cybersecurity solutions. Our flagship services encompass cloud migration, management, and monitoring, ensuring a secure and seamless transition to cloud-based infrastructure. In the realm of cybersecurity, THOUGHTSOL covers all aspects, from assessments to threat prevention, offering expert guidance on industry best practices. With a dedicated team of professionals and a customer-centric approach, THOUGHTSOL Infotech is committed to delivering exceptional services, enabling businesses to embrace the digital era

and achieve maximum return on investment. Our expertise and emphasis on customer success make us a preferred choice for clients seeking trusted partners in their digital transformation journey.

Thoughtsol Empowers Its Customers To Optimize Their Operations & Achieve Their Objectives With Greater Efficiency

Describe the customer's experience and acquaint us with a case study of how your offerings changed the scenario for the better for your client, on the same.
THOUGHTSOL, a prominent IT system integrator and cloud services provider, focuses on delivering enhanced customer experiences and enabling businesses to thrive in the digital age. By offering comprehensive cloud and cybersecurity solutions, THOUGHTSOL empowers its customers to optimize their operations and achieve their objectives with greater efficiency.

An illustrative case study exemplifies the positive impact of THOUGHTSOL's offerings for a hospital in need of technological infrastructure improvement. The hospital faced connectivity issues between programs, scalability challenges, and difficulties managing its cloud servers. THOUGHTSOL intervened and implemented various services to enhance the customer experience. This encompassed round the clock Azure monitoring, cloud networking support, assistance with Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS) databases, Windows Active Directory management for multiple locations, Office 365 email management for thousands of users, and cost optimization measures. Leveraging these services, the hospital achieved improved connectivity with low latency, enhanced scalability, efficient resource allocation, and heightened operational efficiency, ultimately resulting in enhanced healthcare services.

How is the team built and what are the methods followed to draw valuable insights from the market to help the company stay a float and stable among its peers and trends?
THOUGHTSOL Infotech has assembled a skilled and dynamic team that plays a vital role in ensuring the company's

stability and success in the market. Recognizing the importance of a strong team, THOUGHTSOL has brought together individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, fostering a collaborative environment. To derive valuable insights from the market the company adopts a comprehensive approach that combines qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative research helps in understanding consumer needs and preferences, while quantitative analysis provides factual data for informed decision making. By integrating both approaches, THOUGHTSOL is able to gain comprehensive insights that contribute to its ability to thrive and remain stable amidst competition and industry trends.

Tell us about your future roadmap. Where is it headed for the next five years?
THOUGHTSOL's future roadmap is centered around becoming a leading global provider of advanced cloud and cybersecurity solutions. Our aim is to expand our global presence invest in research and development, forge strategic partnerships, cultivate talent, and prioritize security. With a deep understanding of the growing significance of these areas in an interconnected digital landscape, THOUGHTSOL is determined to remain at the forefront. By executing these plans, we envision establishing a strong global presence, delivering innovative and dependable solutions and earning recognition as a prominent player in the industry.

Vinet Kuumar, CEO, Thoughtsol
Today, customer expectations have evolved dramatically. Consumers now demand seamless digital experiences, personalized interactions, and convenient access to products and services. By embracing digital platforms and technologies, organizations can expand their reach, enter new markets, and explore innovative business models that were previously inaccessible. Based out of Delhi, THOUGHTSOL is a leading IT system integrator and cloud services provider company that specializes in the two core pillars of digital transformation, i.e., cloud services and cybersecurity solutions. With expertise in cloud computing and cybersecurity, THOUGHTSOL assists businesses in leveraging the latest technologies to enhance productivity and efficiency. CIO Insider recently engaged in a one-on-one interaction with Vinet Kuumar, CEO, THOUGHTSOL. Let’s dive into this interview snippets to know more.

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 Thoughtsol: Striving to Help Businesses Growth with Digital Transformation