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TIF Labs: Bestowing Operational Excellence via Leading-edge Digital Products & Solutions

Pranay Agarwal,   Co-Founder & CEO

Pranay Agarwal

Co-Founder & CEO

Today, data drives every industry. Modern business leaders have unprecedented access to insights about their customers and their own organizations.Yet in an age when high-profile data breaches make headlines daily. To beat the odds, it is critical to invest in digital solutions that give deeper insight into your business. TIF labs is one of the prominent players in this space assisting customers in realizing the benefits of a digital-first, human-enhanced organization. Positioned at the forefront of advanced technologies, TIF labs is driven by the mission to lead the way in the digital world and is committed to offering services and products that help its clients convert their imaginations into reality.

In an exclusive interaction with CIO Insider, Pranay Agarwal, Kritarth Mohan, Saakshi Agarwal, and Daniel D'Souza, Co- founders of TIF labs enlightens us more about the company and its unique propositions.

Could you tell us about TIF Labs's journey so far, and how you would define its current market position?
Saakshi Agarwal Automation can help ease the burden on CXO as it helps standardize data. We commenced our journey in 2016, and it has been a roller coaster ride for us thus far. Over the years, we have pivoted a lot, working in various domains and industries. We began as an e-commerce company, but over time we transformed to focus more on products. Along with providing services to different clients, we focus on their needs for innovation. As part of our service offerings, we have previously worked together with various corporations, including Mercedes, Nokia, and Cisco to meet their project requirements. Most of these projects are in the automation and Internet of Things fields.

Pranay Agarwal We combine the best aspects of all the trending technologies,

including RPA(Robotics Process Automation), IoT, automation, and data analysis, and offer it as a complete package to build more useful products and services that can be used in organizations and industries. We provide solutions based on both hardware and software. Software-based solutions put more of an emphasis on daily automation which boosts productivity by handling employees' routine tasks. This is more a reference to our RPA practice, where we help clients optimize their processes and increase productivity. We are helping the industry by gathering a ton of data that enables them to make more data driven capitalization or Capex decisions.

What is the core aspect that makes customers choose your company?
Kritarth Mohan We take a very customer centric stance and dismiss the notion of a one-size-fits-all strategy. Before offering a solution that is specially tailored to fit into the clients' workflows, we first learn about their needs to make the entire process very seamless for them. And doing so has allowed us to diversify our clientele beyond just Indians to include more clients from the Middle East as well as customers from the Philippines and the Cayman Islands. This single approach has resulted in numerous repeat orders and word-of-mouth publicity for us.

What are the features and benefits offered through IIOT?
Daniel D'Souza We've been actively engaging with various customers under our IIoT offerings for about two years now. Our dashboard digitization offering assists clients in integrating data from existing automation into a single consolidated dashboard. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the volume of data generated, this is the only decisive moment that they need to consider modeling in a way that provides them with meaningful information or actionable points. That is one of our key offerings that are applicable to all industries.

Kritarth Mohan Apart from this, we have a digital twin offering in which we assist industries in creating a virtual twin of their entire process. This is especially useful in maintenance, where they can see a bird's eye view of the entire process on the screen. Instead of relying solely on intuition, they precisely know when a breakdown occurs, handling unexpected issues or circumstances and managing cyclical workforce surges as required.

Tell us about IOTIF's impact and how

you would describe the customers' experiences.
Saakshi Agarwal IOTIF is a fantastic product that we developed about five years ago to assist all students from various backgrounds in connecting with IoT and thinking of all the many ways they can leverage this technology and get hands on experience. The students can quickly get started with the actual product development and improve their skills in this area of IoT since it is an incredibly easy-to-use plug and play device or a trainer kit. To date we have collaborated with Tata technologies and the governments of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, and Assam to bring these kits to all ITI levels. This has aided in bridging the gap between rural and urban crowds where previously rural populations lacked access to such innovative products. Over 2500 kits have been deployed so far in various colleges, and we have another 1600 kits in the pipeline in the next three months.

What is the future roadmap for TIF Labs, and what types of market opportunities do you intend to tap into?
Pranay Agarwal Talking about the industrial domain, we have huge plans in the pipeline, and we are taking baby steps right now to develop various core fundamental products. We are working with a lot of different companies currently that are at various stages, struggling to tap into data points and derive meaningful information. We have taken multiple steps in these directions, beginning by making our systems less invasive so that they can simply tag along with existing working industries and begin contributing by adding or extracting data from these points without any such downtime in the industry. We are also developing our own indigenous hardware and software proprietary technology, with the help of which people will be able to comprehend how to utilize, monetize, and localize portable assets.Our efforts are particularly concentrated on the healthcare and process automation sectors.

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