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Tirex Chargers: Environmentally Sound EV Charging Solutions Provider

Arth Patel,Co-Founder & CEO

Arth Patel

Co-Founder & CEO

Since 95 percent of electric car (EV) charging is done at home, it’s only right for EV owners to have a smart & fast charging system at home. While a BIS Research pegs 43.13 percent growth for the EV market in the country till 2030, the charger installation is also predicted to have almost the same pace (42.38 percent CAGR). However, while setting up an EV charging infrastructure at home, it’s crucial to consider the safety and trust factors. It’s no wonder people prefer the safest options like Tirex Chargers, which is not only a pioneer in the EV charging industry, but also offers UL-certified products.

It currently caters to more than 25,000 EV owners. Tirex provides smart, fast charging solutions for individual homes and businesses. In addition, it bridges the gap between software studios and EV charger manufacturers with an in-house cloud-based solution. Also, for every charger sold, it plants trees in governmental properties or public spaces. Arth Patel, Co-Founder & CEO, Tirex Chargers, joins CIO Insider for a chat session.

In conversation with Arth Patel, Co-Founder & CEO, Tirex Chargers

What is Tirex Chargers’ role in the EV industry and what are your target segments?
Our company serves a variety of e-mobility segments in India such as commercial vehicles, private vehicles. This includes buses, and even heavy trucks. We are working with Ashok Leyland at a very close level and a moderate level with JBM and Tata Motors. Currently, besides our residential and corporate customers, we also are supplying charging equipment to government bodies and PSUs like Power Grid, KSEBL (Kerala State

Electricity Board Limited), and MSEDCL (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited). For fleet operators like BluSmart, eee-Taxi, and Capital EV that wish to charge their vehicles at a lower cost, we help them set up and manage their own charging hubs with our equipment. We also provide the cloud based solution and are working with MSEDCL for the same through the largest software tender in this e-mobility domain.

What is the main essence that makes your charging solutions unique?
Each one of our products is ARAI certified. We also have a powerful internal R&D department that is solely focused on the charger's firmware. Our firm-ware effectively uses the components to produce higher efficiency and better load balancing. In other words, we produce more efficiency with the same components available in the market through smart and efficient firmware. Our solution has two aspects, with one being an embedded firmware that communicates with the circuits and modules internally, and the other being a cloud-based CMS software that communicates with the charger and the server. By simply clicking the map on their smartphones, customers can not only view the availability of a charging station, but
also its charging rates and availability.

In other words, we produce more efficiency with the same components available in the market through smart and efficient firmware

Tell us about the kind of technologies used in building those charging solutions. What is your operating procedure and how do you establish customer support infrastructure?
In order to extract the most out of our chargers, we leverage AI and ML technology in our cloud based software. As a result, we offer suggestions to our consumers based on the best-suited chargers for their business. We have partnered with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to bring this cutting edge technology to end users.

We are working on a dealer network model where we have dealers finalized across India. This will help us increase

the availability of our services, as we want to make sure that even a common man knows how to operate an EV and maintain their residential chargers as well.

For customer support, we have an in-house call center team, which not only answers the queries of our customers, but also guides them regarding any procedure, starting from installation.

How do you convey the eco-friendly social message?
We keep almost everything in digital format, right from catalogues to brochures and we seldom print out anything. Through blockchain technology, we make smart contracts as well. Even our office space is powered by solar energy, contributing for 85 percent of the energy we use daily, whether it's for our air conditioning, computers, and as such. We also are completely involved in rainwater harvesting and save about 3 lakh liters of water every year.

Above all, for every charger we install, we plant one tree in a public park or on a roadside. We are coming up with 180 charger installations in Kerala, and therefore we have put an order for 200 trees, which are currently being planted in Ahmedabad. Even our packaging is modular, which can be returned to the company for reuse. We are making every effort to be environmentally friendly. We are slowly becoming the symbol of what we call as a green company.

What are Tirex Chargers’ future goals?
We are planning to grow along with India’s EV market and we are currently working on localizing our products. We are gathering funds to build a larger manufacturing plant so that we can create more jobs and raise more awareness among the public, thereby assisting them and the Indian economy at large.

We also intend to expand our dealer networks across India to promote our products and our environmental-friendly initiative. The public can also join us in our green journey. Also, we have already approached other companies to help us expand to other countries and started operations in the Australia and New Zealand region. That is how we intend to grow into one of the largest green firms in the world.

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