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Elecnovo: Building Motors & Controllers that Revolutionize India's EV Journey

Ratul Borah,Founder & CEO

Ratul Borah

Founder & CEO

The indigenous Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers not only help India become self-reliant but also boost the growth of its EV market. In order to fulfil this self-reliance goal, it is vital to produce world-class motors and controllers within the country. Ratul Borah (Founder & CEO, Elecnovo), who is combining his 15 years of strong global experience in India, USA, Germany, Japan, UK and Hong Kong and several patented & patent-pending technologies to develop world class electric motors and electronic controllers in India through Elecnovo Private Limited.

Elecnovo is a one-stop solution providing electric motors & controllers for wide range of electric vehicles. With a team made up of motor experts, electronics engineers, mechanical designers, and manufacturing experts, it designs and develops motors and controllers for various EV segments including electric bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers. It also designs electric motors for agriculture & gardening oriented-vehicles, standing strong on the paradigm of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Self-reliance India’ initiatives. Ratul shares insights on the company’s green revolution initiatives with CIO Insider.

In conversation with Ratul Borah, Founder & CEO, Elecnovo Private Limited.

Where is Elecnovo stationed in the current EV industry in India?
We design, develop and provide motors and controllers solutions for EVs, focusing on various EV segments such as bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, light goods and passenger vehicles. We are also into supplying electric motors in the agriculture and gardening segment. We make sure that our motors deliver necessary performance and reliability through our advanced technologies. We ensure best power density, lightweight and compactness of our motors. Our products are tested for functionality, reliability and safety.

Elecnovo’s focus on developing innovative solutions has been creating patented inventions

Could you brief us about the patented and patent-pending technologies?
We had filed three patents so far. Two patents are already granted. We had filed a patent based on an invention, which optimizes the real time operation of an electric vehicle. This technology improves performance, reliability and safety of the vehicle. We had been granted another patent on an invention, which is based on learning-based motor control system of Electric Vehicles. This technology optimizes the performance parameters of an electric vehicles by using an electronic system together with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm. We have also one more patent, which was granted on an invention, which eliminates the need of physical sensors by creating artificial signals in order to run a BLDC motor.

What are your flagship products?
Our product portfolios are organized in accordance with application segments. We had launched a wide range of motors for light duty electric vehicles. We have motors ranging from 2kW to 10 kW for rated conditions of applications.

2kW and 3kW motors are being used for electric scooters and electric auto rickshaws. 5kW motors are used in electric motorcycles. 7kW to 10 kW motors are being used light duty goods and passenger vehicles. We have developed programmable controllers to achieve best operational performance and reliability together with added additional features like regenerative and electric braking.

How do individuals qualify to join your journey and how is the training done?
Elecnovo provides an excellent learning and career development opportunity. We create environments to innovate and develop new technologies. The aspects we look for in people are their attitude towards work, dynamism, approach to a problem, and how they derive solutions. We also look for self-motivation and determination when it comes to people’s mindset. As for the training, we provide capacity building and practical product development training. We encourage them to pro-actively identify problems and train them to take an ‘out-of-the-box’ approach while generating solutions and then we choose the solution that best fits our requirements. This helps in infusing professionalism and elevating overall personal development. Further, we also check for the result of products in fulfilment of quality functions like performance, reliability, safety, manufacturability and cost-effectiveness.

Where does Elecnovo position itself in the future?
Our immediate mission is to rise as a leading provider of electric motors and electronic controllers, especially in the light duty EV segment. Currently, we are incorporating new technologies into our motors and controllers to produce next-generation products for EV applications, and we have already developed proof of concept for many of them. As we look forward to providing intelligent, efficient, and reliable products, Elecnovo aims to establish itself as a globally recognized leader in the motors and controllers of the EV industry.

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