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Pawan Seth,Director

Pawan Seth


A single source for all your development needs related to software, hardware, design services and fully integrated systems for a range of applications, Trident Infosol has achieved milestones delivering ways in which modern businesses can scale and achieve Digital Transformation at the same time. Based out of New Delhi, Trident Infosol is an end-to-end solution provider catering to clients’ complete product Development life cycle; right from concept design to final acceptance test and beyond, meeting quality needs, duty conditions & standards, and assuring continued support. From his capacity as the Director of Trident Infosol, Pawan Seth given a detailed account of how Trident has ensured to keep up with customers’ business requirements.

In conversation with Pawan Seth, Director, Trident Infosol

Engineering service providers offer engineering solutions to different elements along the entire automotive industry value chain. As an engineering services domain player, how has Trident Infosol grown and adapted to the changes?
Customer demands have evolved over the years, and it is more important for us to keep up with those evolving demands. We build state-of-the-art solutions that meet customers’ requirements to the highest level. We bring out solutions and services that are more optimum and appropriate for customer needs. There has been a lot of learning for us over the years by working closely with our customer applications. We have applied their learnings in creating better products and services which are technologically

advanced and enhance our reliability.

Engineering service providers incorporate the designing, fabricating, development, and testing of various elements, such as mechanical, electrical, electronics, software, and safety. Elaborate on your distinguished service & products?
Trident, over the years, has positioned itself as a complete solution provider wherein we act as a partner to our customer rather than a vendor. We associate ourselves with the customer right from the time when they conceive the system, till the system is deployed and beyond. We provide them a holistic approach with our products which are fully integrated and application ready so that the customer spends time in developing their system applications, rather than worrying on the hardware & software integration.

Trident offers end-to-end hardware & software solutions which are targeted towards customer embedded computing needs for Defence, Aerospace, Automotive & Industrial needs

Trident offers end-to-end hardware & software solutions which are targeted towards customer embedded computing needs for Defence, Aerospace, Automotive & Industrial needs.

Kindly brief us about your Rugged Small Form Factor Embedded Computer and how does it challenges need of military, civil defense, agricultural, scientific, and other industrial areas.
Our SFF products follow SWaP-C approach (Size, Weight, Power and Cost) whereby, we reduce the weight, size and up the processing power. This has been our USP.

With technological advancements, we realized the opportunity of offering a standalone small yet compute intensive computers which are off-the shelf for our customers rather they configuring

and developing custom solutions. Our Rugged SFF computers product range is available right from palm size (<800gm) to a lunch box size (<4kg) and supports processors & SOCs/ GPUs of Intel, AMD, Nvidia, NXP etc. and also support variety of I/Os (ARINC, 1553, ARINC818, CAN ). These Rugged SFF Computers are designed to withstand harsh environments as required for Defence, Aerospace & Automotive & Industrial applications.

As soon as the new technology hits the road, there are a lot of uncertainty factors that generate challenges and slowdowns. What are the pain-points that your customers come up to you with? How do you help them through these challenges?
Today, customers have their squeezed timelines to launch their product or deliver solution to their customer. Which always leaves them in stressed position as they need to worry on creating the system architecture, which is nimble but yet effective, constitute multiple sub-systems which can handle their compute needs, create application software’s and also validate the systems. This is where, we come into picture as we relieve customer of compute intensive integrated systems and help them with our services of validating their products for the harsher environments.

Can you narrate an example how Trident Infosol assists customers end-to-end.
We worked with a client where we integrated both, RF and Digital solutions into one single rack. We also helped them visualize the requirements and build prototypes for the same. Further, our team simulated certain conditions for the customer. After fixing every field error that was encountered in the test cycle, we assisted all the way to the deployment.

Where do you want to position Trident in the years to come?
We are looking at further expanding our Rugged SFF product portfolio to support newer configurable computing needs as well as support signal processing intensive needs, whereby becoming one of the preferred vendor of SFF products. Also, with a goal of building “World class” products we aim to expand our operations overseas.

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