CADMATE: Offers Cost-Friendly Solutions for all CAD needs

Stanley Sunny,CEO

Headquartered in India, kerala with offices at Noida and Dubai, CADMATE is the next-generation software with an optimized platform mounted on a high-speed robust engine providing, unparalleled, enhanced features and improved drafting capabilities through flexible operating methods. The software is a cost-effective solution with easy to use functionalities and no additional training is required. CADMATE has a strong R&D team and a dedicated support team. As the company’s name suggests CADMATE, the CEO of the company will tell us how they fulfill all CAD needs of the customer.

In conversation with Stanley Sunny, CEO, CADMATE

Engineers are finding new ways to streamline processes and get to market sooner with the help of technology. As an engineering solution provider, how has CADMATE grown and adapted to the changes?
The world of engineering is very challenging and complex. It was very important that we needed to provide a solution to this segment of users that is cost effective, robust, accurate and with less learning curve. We have design and development team which understands customer requirements and areas of challenge, based on the requirement gathered the same is translated to the development team for implementation into the application which can help as a valuable tool for improving the efficiency for the user.

Manufacturing and process engineers are increasingly expected to be fluent and adept at data access and analysis within these environments. What kind of solutions and services does CADMATE provide to customers in this changing phase of time?
CADMATE is trying to incorporate machine learning/ Artificial Intelligence into its product, empowering the application to read the geometry of CAD drawings provided to the users and extract these geometries to bestow useful information to users and help them in improving efficiency and accuracy. These data can be extracted to excel, PDF or XML format so that it can be fed into any of customers applications.

CADMATE is trying to incorporate machine learning/ Artificial Intelligence into its product empowering the application to read the geometry of CAD drawings

Standing out from the crowd is not a simple task. Elaborate on your distinguished engineering products and which among them do you consider as your flagship offering that distinguishes CADMATE from its competitors?
Every product has its own competitors in the market and CADMATE is launching its new flagship product called CADMATE Take off. In the engineering & architectural industry, the very important and time-consuming factor is the estimation and take off. Our product distinguishes from other solutions in the market because in our product users can do measurement and calculation in both PDF as well as .dwg/dxf formats. The product has high level of accuracy speed & clarity. Also we provide options in our application which provides all layers of information in a PDF drawing enabling customers to select the specific layer they want to

work on and thereby achieve more accurate result. We offer functions such as auto count for both texts as well as objects and based on the layer selection, the application works on certain complex algorithms in the back end to provide necessary useful information to the user, making the work faster and efficient.

Engineers need to stay ahead of changing trends in environments, populations, and infrastructure to ensure projects are not only built to last but built to serve the people around them. How do you overcome these challenges?
Government of each country has set standards which need to be met in the development of projects and we at CADMATE are trying to incorporate these standards into our application so that it would be easier for the engineering fraternity to ensure that these standards are met while they prepare their projects. As an application provider we keep a constant check in changes in the industry and technology and adapt those changes in our application.

Please quote any of your accomplishment stories that became the turning point for the company.
CADMATE Software was established in 2016 as a startup company in India. Even though the product design and development, started many years back the product matured itself in 2015. During the last 3 years, the product has become robust and acceptance of the product by customers increased and this helped to have a organic growth both in India as well as in international footholds. We have 3 offices across India and 1 overseas branch office in Dubai, with around 25 partners across the globe.

What further innovation do you plan to include in your engineering solution offerings?
In the near future, we tend to incorporate BIM (Building Information Modelling) and standards- check in our application. Also based on the customer requirements, we would be incorporating more innovative functions in our application.

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