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Uptrix Consulting: Helping Organizations Unleash the True Potential of their SAP Systems

Manodh Tummala,CEO

As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is at the center of today’s business and technology revolution. According to the 2018 Corporate Fact Sheet, SAP serves more than 404,000 customers in 180 countries, of which 80 percent are small and medium sized businesses. SAP helps to streamline processes, giving ability to use real-time data to predict customer trends across entire business landscapes and improve business performance all through agile and adaptive processes.

Uptrix Consulting, headquartered in Hyderabad, provides innovative products which are certified by SAP and Microsoft. These products completely automate business processes, provide a familiar MS Excel interface to SAP, validates data in multiple ways before it is entered into SAP and enable drill down reporting to the level of data that is required by users. Uptrix Consulting focuses on addressing the varying requirements of their clients and provide the right SAP solution and cost-effective tools that can assist in the automation of business processes, with increased productivity and reduction of costs. The team at Uptrix has immense experience in the SAP Tools market having provided targeted Product Training, Professional Services and Customer Support.

According to Gartner, poor data quality is significantly hitting organizations – to the tune of an average annual financial cost of USD 15 million in 2017. In order to tackle the problem areas of SAP, Uptrix Consulting provides companies with cost effective strategies including easy to use automation tools, which drive the next evolution in the resolution of bad data in SAP and the delivery of real-time SAP reports that actually matter. Uptrix's end goal is to empower business users and to eliminate human error through automation.

Cost Effective and Easy to Use SAP Automation Tools
Uptrix Consulting delivers simple and easy to use SAP Automation tools, which are designed to significantly improve two key aspects for a company's SAP system - data quality and data reporting. The company has experience in Solution Delivery, Project Management, Business Strategy, SAP Services & Support and SAP Product Training. The aim is to deliver the latest SAP based Data Management and Reporting Solutions, to enable clients to increase their work efficiency, reduce costs in IT and that of the end user and increase security in all IT operations.

"Uptrix Consulting focuses on addressing the varying requirements of their clients and provide the right SAP solution and cost effective tools"

The company avails different tools like the Data Management Tool from Innowera, Reporting Tool from Excel4apps, and Transformation Tool from Smartshift Technologies. The tools can be downloaded and are ready for use immediately, hence providing companies with zero implementation costs and zero implementation timeframes. The Transformation Tool can decrease custom and obsolete code by 50 percent and align best practices in the industry by reducing risk of all standard and custom SAP Transactions. It leverages over 200 automated algorithms, to upgrade SAP landscapes from ECC to Suite on HANA or to S/4 HANA. The Data Management and Reporting Tools enable users to upload & download data between SAP & Excel with multiple methods of validation and avails easy report/dashboard distribution in secure PDF documents.

Uptrix’s range of products from the leading SAP product companies of the world, all revolve around automation of processes which in turn result in more work efficiency, reduction of man-hours and the simplification of access to SAP’s UI. The company’s line of products is to empower business users and take away the reliance on technical teams. Complicated scripting and SAP Internal tools like LSMW and BDC can be completely eliminated providing users with simple steps to complete lengthy business processes like ‘Procure to Pay’, ‘Make to Order’ and ‘Order to Cash’.

Agile Methods to Address Pain-Points with SAP
Uptrix’s engagement and solution

delivery approach are simple but comprehensive at the same time. The company engages with customers who need to resolve their SAP road blocks and analyze customer’s issues through meetings and requirement gathering sessions. Uptrix then proposes the right set of SAP tools to eliminate problems. A French company is a perfect example to showcase the power of automation, as it was looking to automate their entire Financial Reporting structure. The concern was the impact of ability to generate relevant financial reports but by implementing GL Wand from Excel4apps, the company has Over come the limitations of SAP reporting to deliver reports that are effective and has reduced the potential for errors. Not only does GLW and produce the reports required by management with no fuss, but the resulting information is considered more reliable too. The company uses the solution to produce a wide range of reports, including Balance Sheets, Income Statements by Profit Centre, Cost Centre Reports and Inter company Reports. Uptrix provides cost-effective end to end solutions through engaging with customers, analyzing their road blocks, proposing the right set of SAP tools and effective project planning coupled with services and support.

Anirudh Rajagopal, COO

Future Prospect
The current product portfolio is being used by over 3000 satisfied customers worldwide. Uptrix is focused on helping organizations across a wide range of verticals to unleash the true potential of their SAP system and thereby meeting their unique requirements and needs with the right technologies. Currently Uptrix focuses only on SAP but in the years to come, Uptrix will expand their portfolio of tools and services across other ERP systems too.

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