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VCCEdge: Giving Investors the Power of Actionable Information

Jaideep Mehta,CEO, Mosaic Digital

Jaideep Mehta

CEO, Mosaic Digital

“We really like the simple approach adopted by VCCEdge. Whether it is searching for deal data or private company financials, it gets our job done in no time. We are in and out of the platform in a jiffy and cannot say that for most databases out there,” ~ Varun Didwania, Director, Helix Investments. Varun’s words of experience echo the sentiments of hundreds of customers of VCCEdge – a comprehensive research platform for Private Markets. VCCEdge provides well researched business information and insights to help its customers make timely, informed decisions and manage risks in the market. The company’s repository of deals, directories and financials data comprise a holistic financial research platform, which today is effectively leveraged by clients across the country for deal origination, deal structuring and valuations as well as for carrying out due diligence, and tracking competition. Mosaic Digital, VCCEdge’s parent company is India’s leading news, data & research company catering to the growing needs of investors, entrepreneurs, enterprise tech companies, startups and more. CIO Insider recently had an interesting, exclusive chat session with the CEO of Mosaic Digital, Jaideep Mehta. Let’s dig in.

In conversation with Jaideep Mehta, CEO, Mosaic Digital

How uniquely is VCCEdge positioned in the industry to help the investors make better, informed decisions and gain impressive returns?
We are India’s most comprehensive research platform for Private Markets. We serve hundreds of customers in the

investment ecosystem who use our platform for fundamental research that culminates in making informed decisions, managing risk and achieving market beating returns. Whether they are scrutinizing a company before making investment, doing a sectoral evaluation, or looking at relative performance, we provide them with the largest database, which comprises details of 1,40,000 companies and financials for 72,000 companies (private & public companies) and has tracked in excess of 46,000 M&A, private equity transactions, ECM and debt transactions over the last 12 years. This makes it the deepest and widest knowledge base this community has access to. Furthermore, we also provide our customers with a lot of AI & ML powered analytical tools to churn out actionable information out of this extensive database.

We are already looking forward to the next version of VCCEdge, which will be a generational change and host a paradigm shift in the industry

How do you simplify the process of making financial decisions and impact the community at large?
We adopt a three-dimensional approach. While our sales team and marketing partners are constantly reaching out to the ecosystem, we have been quite deliberate in developing a cloud-based SaaS platform that boasts an extremely friendly and highly intuitive user interface. Secondly, we periodically publish snippets of our research through press releases and blogs to help the community take advantage of our research and thus collectively improve financial literacy. On the other hand, we offer robust support services to our existing clients that include telephone consultations and customized services, so that our customers experience a seamless journey in the market.

Tell us about your unique research approach that helps VCCEdge churn

out meticulous data and in turn provide clients with actionable information.
In addition to effectively leveraging the advantage of cutting-edge technology, we get down to the ground and conduct a lot of interviews and surveys, so that we possess first-hand information. We also perform a great amount of secondary research and compile a lot of data from regulatory filings, including from the government and stock exchanges. Thus, the key data points we provide include everything from company type to previous name & brand name, offerings, eMail ID, CIN No., scrip code, primary & secondary addresses, parent – subsidiary relation, and a lot more. We have a team of more than 50 people powering our research infrastructure and their passion & commitment is also a significant part of VCCEdge providing a 360-degree view to its customers. Their determination in quality checking and interpreting information has been a significant part of our success.

What are the client segments that you majorly cater to?
Thanks to our extensive database, we are well positioned to serve a wide spectrum of clients - largely from the alternate investment ecosystem. This includes private equity firms, venture capital firms, investment bankers, advisors, and now in fact, we serve several corporate customers as well. VCCEdge infuses their M&A teams and corporate development teams with a lot of value. Putting it in a nutshell, if you take the top 10 business houses in India, I am sure at least eight or nine of them will be VCCEdge’s customers.

What are the opportunities that you foresee in the industry and what’s the future roadmap set for VCCEdge?
We are already looking forward to the next version of VCCEdge, which will be a generational change and host a paradigm shift in the industry. We are looking at huge investments in AI and ML towards helping our customers explore new avenues of opportunities in a better way, while strengthening our existing portfolio. On the other hand, we are also deploying a thicker layer of support services to enable our customers timely, often critical human interaction. We are also set to revamp our UI & UX to make it even better than what it is today.

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