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Wisdom Capital: The Pioneer of Discount Broking in India

Deb Mukherjee,Founder, Director & CEO

Deb Mukherjee

Founder, Director & CEO

The financial services industry is extremely advanced today that the organizations find it inevitable to leverage technologies in order to survive. But there is an elite bunch of financial services providers who are way beyond this juncture and bring the complete advantage of fintech to the customers, instead of just adapting to the technologies. Belonging to such a breed of trendsetters is Wisdom Capital – a leading online stock broker and precursor of discount brokerage in India. With its operations based out of Hi-Tech city, Noida, this 2013-born company, which is a joint venture between Wisdom Capital and Ashlar Securities, offers an exclusive array of trading facilities and services to its esteemed clients across different market segments. CIO Insider recently had an interesting chat session with Wisdom Capital’s founder Deb Mukherjee. An ardent ex-Indian Air Force personnel, Deb discusses about the company’s current and future endeavors.

In conversation with Deb Mukherjee, Founder, Director & CEO, Wisdom Capital

With the explosion of mobile technology and owing to a steady surge in financial literacy, the number of investors in India is growing. Given your experience in the domain, how is Wisdom Capital democratizing investment? Where is the company positioned in this populous industry?
The advent of mobile technology coupled with the robust & ever strengthening wireless connectivity in our country has extended our outreach and increased the number of potential clients for our business. Hence, we have

developed a cutting-edge digital platform that caters to the need of every investor, while helping us carve a niche in the stockbroking industry.

In fact, the stockbroking industry has evolved vastly over the last decade, and now investment is just a click away. I am immensely proud to say that we pioneered the concept of discount broking in India. Wisdom Capital is the first company to offer free brokerage to the investors in India, where this concept was least expected. Our organization provides cost-effective and at par services within the financial services industry and we have also launched Wisdom Pro, the lightest app ever for online trading.

By bringing clients to the epicenter of thought process, we design our plans to meet the needs of every client

What is the kind of challenge that you solve for your clients? What’s your unique proposition?
The customer behavior in our industry is different every day, and this motivates us to perform better than the previous day. For us, the biggest challenge is trust. All our endeavors are projected towards maintaining transparency and winning clients’ trust, as people invest their hard-earned money in online trading.

Besides that, services are our main USP. Our determined workforce provides comprehensive assistance to our existing and current customers with respect to opening and handling their accounts flawlessly and transparently. Our dedicated Risk Management team & IT Support team are also our unique propositions, as they offer 24x7 services to ensure smooth online trading for our clients. Even the lockdown failed to keep us away from supporting our clients, as we managed to provide services to our clients in the best possible manner. Wisdom Capital is one of the best online trading applications in India and is extremely user-friendly.

Tell us about Wisdom Capital’s offerings. Also, how do you find the balance between quality and cost-effectiveness of your deliverables?
By bringing clients to the epicenter of thought process, we design our plans to meet the needs of every client. However, we offer the same advanced trading terminal to all the clients, so that they don’t miss any tick or movement of the stock. It allows our clients to place their orders at a faster pace without missing out on the costing. The traders’ expectations are higher than investors, as they carry out trades to capture the stock movement and make money. Hence, we offer the lowest brokerage to them, so that they have the option to book profits at a low price difference.

Could you tell us an interesting story pertaining to your client’s achievements or benefits, wherein Wisdom Capital became the reason for it?
Of late, I convinced an experienced investor (a client now) to try our lightest trading app ever, Wisdom Pro. After a couple of days, he dropped me a message that the stock selection has become extremely easy for him and the concept of highest leverage and lowest brokerage made him find online trading as a completely new experience. Along with this, our best-in-class customer support and backend services made him so happy that he continued to be on board with us.

What are the opportunities that you foresee in the market? What is the kind of future road map set for Wisdom Capital?
We are updating our systems to be more and more technology-driven and user-friendly as it will reduce our costing and will meet clients’ more sophisticated expectations.

The financial services industry is changing at a fast-pace, and the authorities are taking every possible measure to meet investors’ requirements. But due to the low levels of financial literacy in the country, the market is still raw and there is a lot of scope for awareness. As per the data, merely 3.5-4 percent of the total population is directly active in the stock markets and has Demat Accounts. Hence, we have a long way to go.

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