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Vehicop- New Age Solutions for the Complex Tracking Challenges


Vehicop is an exclusive vehicle tracking solution provider that leverages the power of GPS technology and their own experience in the domain to design & develop a plethora of products and solutions for personal as well as commercial usage. The company delivers solutions for school bus tracking, personal tracking, fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring, RFID tracking solution, and vehicle camera.

In conversation with Vijayakumar, CEO, Vehicop

GPS technology and all its related applications appear to be growing at a rapid rate, with the GPS industry expected to appreciate by several million dollars. Give us your insights on the current demands for GPS technology and how Vehicop is positioned in this market?

GPS technology has often been understood to be logistics and transportation industry’s alibi. The latest trend in this market is growth in commercial vehicle leading to the growth of GPS system, they are small in size, easy to carry, which may further develop the market in future. This technology is further expected to evolve going forward, providing effective real time location information. This is especially useful for vehicle owners in case of theft or any unauthorized usage. We started this organization in 2014, with Easun RV Enterprises as the parent company.

Vehicop is a brand of Easun RV Enterprises. We are a competitive provider of GPS Tracking Systems, engaged in offering a wide range of GPS tracking products. We keep the convenience and safety of your belongings on priority, thus use our abundant knowledge and professionalism to present you only the best options. Understanding our client’s requirements and demand, we are reputed for offering reliable, trusted, durable products. We are committed to magnify client’s satisfaction and that belied have helped us garner a vast clientele, which continues to grow by every day.

How are you addressing this market segment with your technology knowhow?

Unlike similar GPS technology players in the market, Vehicop believes in handholding the client right from consultation to after-sales support. Even after implementation, we keep our ears open to any call for grief and quickly resolve their challenges. We have high quality components only. This delivers high accuracy. Our devices, unlike most options in the market, pin points the exact location of the user with 95 percent accuracy.

Please share one of your implementation stories with us.

In transportation industry, most drivers reach the destination with their load and just leave the transportation company’s vehicle and abscond the area & go home. Worried client obviously, tracks the vehicle and send another driver to recover the idle vehicle. This has been a very common situation. We have helped our clients with applications that were able to track the vehicle and its state to the exact pin location. More so, in a recent incident with one of our ecommerce delivery client, the delivery vehicle went missing. Things got worse, when the client forgot the user ID password to their GPS tracking device. Vehicop team helped the client to recover their ID & password and also track the vehicle to the exact location.

Vehicop believes in handholding the client right from consultation to after-sales support

GPS technology is ubiquitous and it’s hard to differentiate amongst them. Besides the accuracy factor, how else does your device catch user attention?

I would say through our flexibility to offer customization. There had been a client with a fleet 15 buses to pick & drop staffs. Often, the staffs complained about the bus being either too late to pick up point or having to walk a considerable distance to board the bus. Given the situation, we built an application for the passengers to track the exact location of the vehicle Live.

What further new technologies are you bringing in to enhance the vehicle tracking domain?

An in built Camera can give a better accuracy and effectiveness to the vehicle tracking domain. More so, it can further help the very reason for tracking. Though GPS coupled cameras exists in the market but all of them support 2G. 2G gives a bandwidth of 140 Kbps. The size of a location is 10 Kb. This obviously requires not more than a 2G spectrum. To take a picture and send across the server requires a higher bandwidth. Therefore, we are developing a solution where the live images and videos can be shared to the client. More like, a high speed GPS network.

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