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Trak N Tell - Catering Personalized Vehicle Tracking System as Safety Companion

Pranshu Gupta,Founder & CEO

Pranshu Gupta

Founder & CEO

Trak N Tell is a household name as well as a pioneer in the space of Car Tracking and security systems. Based out of Gurugram, Trak N Tell is an IoT startup that provides sophisticated vehicle telematics solutions. It ensures better safety and threat elimination for both the passengers and their vehicle. The dynamic enterprise is one of the leading players in India to develop integrated robust telematics systems, which gives an insight into the automobile’s movements in real time via vehicular intelligence data reports.

In conversation with Pranshu Gupta, Founder & CEO, Trak N Tell

As more advancement is made in the areas of augmented reality, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence, both safety and efficiency are being transformed for drivers and safety managers. How does Trak N Tell play the role of safety companion for users?

Since Trak N Tell falls within the IoT (Internet of Things) space, specifically in Vehicle Telematics, we offer a wide range of safety solutions that comprise sophisticated hardware that fits inside vehicles, along with a companion mobile app for the customer’s phone, which can be synced via intelligent cloud infrastructure.

It also has several innovative solutions lined up for customers in the near future which will be subsequently and systematically deployed – enabling better safety standards in the realm of vehicular telematics. We have developed capabilities to provide customized telematics solutions to our OEM customers. We have an in-house R&D team comprising of electronic engineers, embedded software engineers, cloud software engineers, and mobile app developers.

Along with improving operational efficiency, fleet managers realize that fleet management software is vital to not only the safety of the assets being transported, but the safety of company vehicles, employees, and the general public as well. What kind of products does Trak N Tell provide to the customer in this changing phase of time?

We have designed a unique product – Intelli7, with the aim to delve beyond technical aspects. Through years of research on human behavior and associated needs, while driving, we have ensured key aspects like the safety of kinfolks as well as a reduction in vehicular theft and threat with this product. Our mission is to bring a human touch to technology with this device that cares for a vehicle as much as the owner. Intelli7 is modified to match driving habits, road rituals and customized needs of Indian families and can be attached to either personal cars or fleet vehicle for business owners. Intelli7 has been designed to perform in the harsh environment of two-wheelers and off-road construction equipments.

Intelli7 has been designed to perform in the harsh environment of twowheelers and offroad construction equipments

By incorporating features like impact alert calling, real-time tracking, panic button, remote engine immobilizer, and over-speeding alerts, the company hopes to create an ecosystem which not only makes vehicles secure but also promote responsible driving. Additionally, it aims at revolutionizing the conventional outlook of Telematics in the Indian market. The promising venture’s immediate mission is to achieve the de-facto standard for all car, bike and truck owners.

Kindly brief us about Trak N Tell’s OEMs and how does it help in empowering customers’ businesses?

There is a growing awareness among OEMs that the data captured during vehicle use represents a largely untapped asset. Trak N Tell gives OEMs the opportunity to gain maximum value from this asset. Our devices have been calibrated to facilitate machine to machine (m2m) communication that provides useful information to drivers as well as manufacturers. With intuitive telemetics, numerous in-built sensors monitor the performance of vehicle parts for optimum functionality. We actually make it possible for OEMs to ascertain the future course of actions in order to further discover and integrate effective solutions into their products.

What do you look forward to in the years to come? And also what new and unique products do Trak N Tell will introduce in near future?

We bring a human touch to technology with a device that cares for your automobile, as much as you do. Trak N Tell has already deployed solutions that support 4G, GNSS, Wi-Fi Hotspot, and CAN Bus solution. The company is also actively working with EV OEMs to deploy devices specific to EVs. Moreover, Trak N Tell is in active engagement with two-wheeler manufacturers to deploy solutions for that community.

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Trak N Tell: Catering Personalized Vehicle Tracking System as Safety Companion