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Veritas Technologies: Delivering Business Critical Solutions for a Stable IT Infrastructure

Balaji Rao,Managing Director - India & SAARC

Balaji Rao

Managing Director - India & SAARC

Veritas Technologies headquartered at Santa Clara, with an Indian office at Mumbai exercises operations to accelerate organizations’ digital transformation, along with finding solution for IT and business challenges including multi-cloud data management, data protection, storage optimization, compliance readiness and workload portability. To provide deeper insight about the company and its AWS partnered services, Balaji Rao, Managing Director of India & SAARC at Veritas joins the conversation.

In conversation with Balaji Rao, Managing Director - India & SAARC, Veritas Technologies

Companies working at different industrial verticals seek enterprise specific, technical, and marketing support from AWS partnered companies. Being an AWS partner, how does Veritas Technologies serve the requirements and needs of different enterprises?
We serve to assist companies take charge of their IT and business complexity. Adhering to the market opportunity in India, we have zeroed in our services to telecoms, manufacturing, consumer durables, banking & financial, public sector, healthcare and education, in order to maximize the value of information. In the telecoms, our Enterprise Data Services Platform is helping them manage data growth, deal with threats and comply with regulations. In the Financial Services & Insurance sector, we are helping Global Insurance companies offer better and faster services and outcomes to their customers. In the public sector, we enable them to address any data management challenge-from protection and availability to storage utilization and compliance. In the healthcare sector, we help them protect, manage and gain insight from the data that lead to better patient outcomes. We also help higher educational institutions access, understand, connect and use its data across all systems and devices, both on-premise and in cloud.

Today, enterprises of all sizes require data about their customers to analyze and cater better services. Companies which work on big data and ML capabilities look for support to draw meanings from a large set of data. Please explain how Veritas enable companies to harvest essential data from a large pool?
Establishing global data visibility is an important step in making data accessible on the cloud platform of choice, yet in a compliant manner that does not put the business at risk. Big data is for obvious reasons unmanageable. The sheer volume of the entity-big data-as we know it comprises of non-critical data as well. Dark data too is non-critical data for several organizations. Better data visibility accounts for cleansing this data to be ready and relevant for AI/ML based applications. Therefore, to acheive better outcomes moving such data to cloud is a good option. With a constant flow of new cloud services available from AWS, Microsoft, and Google around data analytics, ML, and AI, there is an overwhelming temptation to migrate such data sources to the cloud. With Veritas, organizations can shed light on dark data for more effective use and move to various clouds that support business requirements.

With Veritas, organizations can shed light on dark data for more effective use and move to various clouds that support business requirements

AWS offers a wide range of benefits including global compute, analytics, application, and deployment services that help enterprises grow faster and slash IT costs. Tell us about your business critical services that stabilize the infrastructure and optimize the IT operations of businesses.
Our business critical services extend solutions to support Customer infrastructure in an OnPrem and Hybrid deployments. Our support extends beyond rapid break-fix technical support. With proactive services and specialized support staff that develop an understanding of the business IT needs, we help stabilize enterprise cloud infrastructure, as well as provide rapid response. Our engineers work with companies to optimize their Veritas-powered environment to suit respective business needs. We help with minimizing downtime by identifying potential issues before they impact performance, and also utilize each product feature to the fullest in order to

maximise value from software investment.

Kindly share an implementation story centred on AWS offering that has earned significant recognition for Veritas Technologies.
China International Marine Containers Ltd. (CIMC), a global manufacturer with facilities in nearly 20 countries across the world, has embarked on a digital transformation initiative in 2017. To achieve this, CIMC needed to create a common IT platform across all it business units with seamless visibility into all business data, as it was looking to run its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in the cloud for users across the globe to access the cloud-based solutions easily. The company required fast and reliable data protection for both on-premises and cloud-based data, as well as cost-effective replication of backups between the locations. CIMC turned to Veritas and rolled out a Veritas NetBackup Appliance in its corporate data center and a cloud-based instance of NetBackup using flexible AWS storage for short-term data retention. After two days, backups are transferred to Amazon S3 storage for longer-term retention. The solution enabled CIMC to abstract infrastructure complexity and centralize data protection processes globally through a single-unified and standardized platform powered by Veritas NetBackup. The key benefits included significant lower total cost of ownership for data protection and disaster recovery processes; 66 percent lower bandwidth costs using NetBackup Auto Image Replication; compliance with local regulation, disaster recovery achieved through data replication between on-premises data center and cloud storage; 1-minute RPO for current data; 30-minute RTO for data less than 2 days and 4 hour RTO for older data. The CIO of CIMC opined that with the industry-leading technology and solutions from Veritas, CIMC can meet business requirements and pave the way for its future innovation.

On-premise IT is replaced by cloud-based, and AWS is playing its part while the world is moving to global virtualization. Having said that, what is the future roadmap that you have conceived for the company?
We have a Global Strategic relationship with AWS, to provide enterprise-proven solutions in the area of leveraging cloud as LTR (Long-term retention) target, application resiliency for lift-and-shift of business critical workloads using stringent SLAs, and cloud-native data protection of hosted workloads. We have roadmaps in place for tighter integration with native AWS offerings like snowball, cross cloud recovery, native API-based reporting, and management.

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