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SourceFuse: Availing Full Accountability of AWS Advanced Technology

Gautam Ghai,Co-Founder & CEO

Gautam Ghai

Co-Founder & CEO

Headquartered in Neptune Beach, US with Indian offices at Delhi and Chandigarh, SourceFuse is a digital product and technology development organization helping start-ups and corporations launch web, mobile and social software solutions. SourceFuse is led by a management team that has consistently delivered innovative products and solutions to the market for more than 10 years. Further, the co-founder of the company will elaborate on their high-quality software products and solutions in detail.

In conversation with Gautam Ghai, Co-Founder and CEO, SourceFuse (India)

Companies need to ensure their security management, workflow infrastructure, and configuration management for better functioning and that too from a single service provider. In what ways SourceFuse can integrate these operations for the customers?
We are a Full Service Managed service provider. With over a decade of working with customers across the US and Europe, we have always focused on building strong value propositions for the customer. Our Delivery Methodology is not to focus only on what is expected by the buyer but also how we can enable the customers with all the necessary components that will help them to release the offering in the market in the most cost-effective manner. We focus on building strong Global Partnerships with various software or product companies in the space of cloud, security, performance

and many others. This has helped us in building trust with the customer so that they can rely on us for their successful deployments. SourceFuse Consultative approach of understanding the customer’s requirement right from the incubation stage has also enabled us to put together necessary building blocks for their deployments. Once the service is deployed, our certified teams help customers to run their business cost-effectively.

SourceFuse has been building products and services for a lot of International customers to support their digital journey for over a decade

Corporations always look for web services that can ensure top-notch quality products with an innovative add-on. How are you bringing innovation in your services and also, tell us about your flagship?
SourceFuse has been building products and services for a lot of International customers to support their digital journey for over a decade. Whenever we start any engagement, we run them through our SourceFuse Technical Council (SFTC) Board. SFTC Board includes most of our senior architects and commercial teams who take initiative to understand the customers' demands and creates a framework for our delivery teams to execute. SFTC Board acts like a Governance body which makes sure that SourceFuse is meeting the quality standards set by our customers. We are mostly ahead of the curve as we invest heavily in creating innovative offerings for our customers and otherwise.

In the run to advance business entities using optimum cloud resources, it becomes difficult to stay organized. How does SourceFuse address this challenge and help firms overcome the same?

As an organization, we focus on helping our customers to always reduce cost by bringing efficiencies across people, processes and tools. Our DevOps Practice runs programs for customers to make sure that we define the roadmap for not only the current needs but also for the future so that there is optimum utilization of resources even when they scale. We provide managed services plans to our clients and operate as a part of the same team across multiple geographies.

Describe any one of your accomplishments that earned significant recognition for SourceFuse in the market.
SourceFuse built a technology-enabled platform that improves transparency, dependability, and efficiencies for one of our International customers to provide non-emergency patients with transportation leveraging ride-sharing services. We built a cloud-based offering involving voice and non-voice services to provide a seamless experience for claims staff, nurses and injured workers. Over a Million customer requests and rides have been handled efficiently through our user-friendly dashboards. Our ready to scale secured architecture enables our customers to connect with their consumers in a much more professional manner. The solution delivers unprecedented real-time visibility into an area that historically had none.

The market is currently moving in a fast-paced environment with up-gradation happening on a daily basis. Tell us about the updates and innovations that SourceFuse has intended for the future?
We are a forward-looking organization that focuses on solving customer problems with utmost dedication. Since our inception 13 years back, SourceFuse has always been using technology to give that much-needed benefit back to the customers whether it is the Cloud or AI/ML or any of the technology offerings from our partners. Our deep relationship with most of the leading cloud platforms and our investments in the AI/ML competency has helped us in staying on top of our competition.

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