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Sourabh Gupta,  Co-Founder & CEO

Sourabh Gupta

Co-Founder & CEO

As the world transforms and technology is slowly disseminating amongst all facets of society, cultures merge. The next wave of consumers is arriving from the tier 2 and tier 3 cities with a preference for communicating in their local language or dialect, as opposed to the predominant ‘English’ language. This becomes further onerous with over 22 major languages and 720different dialects existing in India today, making communication a significant deterrent for businesses. AI technologies have enabled businesses to reach out across the globe, but the Indian market still needs their attention. The important question is; can the language barrier be conquered? Can ‘businesses’ do effective ‘business’ with language posing a bottleneck? has answered this long standing question by enabling businesses to interact & engage with their multilingual customers using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Enabling Intuitive AI-Human Partnership Technology
Multiple surveys have more or less reported the same figures, i.e. 80 percent of call centre queries are repetitive in nature and could be rather categorized as FAQs. Also, these queries do not require human empathy or problem solving skills at all. has enabled man and technology to work in tandem for better results.’s Vernacular Intelligent Virtual Agent (VIVA) is equipped to handle simple, repetitive tasks at scale without involving human agents. With an intelligence layer, this platform is deeply integrated with the

backend systems and uses historical data to predict the nature of call. This helps to classify calls between human agents and virtual agents. If the query is identified as arduous, or requires human empathy, the call is routed to a relevant human agent in realtime, along with the call history summary. This enables human agents to handle more complex issues while saving businesses’ resource capital. More importantly, VIVA can answer calls at scale, conversing with thousands of people at a time, thereby slashing down the wait time drastically. serves the vision to empower and enable enterprises transact with their multilingual customers in their preferred languages

Reduced wait time and more first call resolution have helped to achieve phenomenal CSAT scores. “We have achieved a high level of accuracy given the complexities of Indian language and have pioneered algorithms to understand the customer’s intent”, adds Sourabh Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, The impressive CSAT scores are credited to automated call centers that have deployed VIVA and Human agents, instead of call centers with human agents alone. When one of India’s leading casual dining restaurant chains witnessed strong growth of over 30 percent YoY (year-on-year) over the last four years, the number of reservations and enquiry calls coming in to the restaurant reached a 5 million high. Given the scenario, 20 percent calls started going unanswered in the first attempt while incoming calls after 10 PM were not handled instantly. Additionally, the annual employee churn rate was as high as 45 percent giving way to recurrent hiring and training investment throughout the year.

Eventually,’s VIVA was deployed, that understood and resolved

the callers’ queries through engaging conversations. This gave some top notch results. 80 percent of the process was automated on calls for table reservations, 4.5 Star CSAT rate running at par with live agents was achieved, and the call handling time was reduced by 42 percent.

This has been a remarkable milestone given the 720 recognized dialects in India, let alone the 22 major languages. The vision is supported by a team of linguist experts in 10 languages & data scientists honing the models. “Our team is obsessed with customers and is deeply involved in partnering with each client. We believe in providing exceptional product and service to 2 clients rather than providing average product /service to 20”, adds Sourabh.

Touching a Plethora of Different Use Cases
As evident by Sourabh’s excerpt, aims to resolve business complexities while ensuring exceptional customer experience. has delivered a solution with proprietary speech to text engine coupled with NLP and dialogue management system trained over huge amount of data that enables to provide superior accuracies across different use cases within a business. This voice-first generation will use voice assistants to engage with apps (digital interfaces). “With the help of our technology, we solve business problems every day. We work closely with businesses in building POC for multiple use cases across industries”, explains the CEO. serves the vision to empower and enable enterprises transact with their multilingual customers in their preferred languages. Considering the voice first users consuming content online, is building a platform for businesses of all size & form to engage with their multilingual users seamlessly. Believing to have addressed only the tip of the iceberg, this virtual assistant provider has set sail to grow both horizontally and vertically, aiming to go global, add more languages and provide solutions across sectors and use cases.

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