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Vibtree Technologies: Assisting Enterprises Attain New Insights Over Business

Abhishek Gupta,CEO

Equipped with an efficient team of technocrats with vast industry knowledge and experience, VibTree Technologies has been deploying business communication solutions to enterprises of all sizes since 2019. Being a startup in the communications industry, Vibtree has been able to grab the attention of business owners who were looking to rapidly innovate the way they communicate with their customers. By offering a best-in-class services, the company serves to all sectors despite the domain, affordable cloud-based and on-premise Unified Communications systems. Here, Abhishek Gupta, CEO of VibTree, draws a wider picture of the startup and its operations in business communication field.

Cloud communication platforms are gaining popularity in business communication spaces. In such a prominent market, what services do VibTree has to offer?
VibTree is predominantly focused on providing Cloud Telephony solutions. It is the communication technology that hosts every communication devices and applications at the service provider’s premises. As they do not require any software or hardware to avail the service, it is completely enables users to place calls directly with an internet connection. We develop multilayer IVR systems and provide services like Voice Broadcasting applications. Voice

broadcasting helps disseminate telephonic messages to numerous call recipients at once. We present a comprehensive omni channel application that provides deeper insight into the customer experience for businesses. With automatic call distribution, it disburses the calls according to the availability of the agent at call centres. Cloud Telephone Integration is an API based service which connects with the CRM based on the business requirement. Companies, with business in foreign countries but team in India, can contact their local citizens by buying a virtual number to avoid charges for calling international number.

VibTree’s voice call solutions are broadcast products which helps route calls smoothly to the team based on the routing strategy. The idea is to enable enterprises with a good view over their reach in the business strategies

For a startup player in any domain, it is essentialtostay out of the crowd. What is the differentiating factor that makes VibTree unique?
There are only few competitors in this industry. Among them, many are highly focused on big conglomerates and are often overpriced for services. Whereas, we have always kept price minimum for business enterprises. We are in the process of developing a new CRM which only takes a few months to roll out. The client relationship we maintain has helped us discuss their issues with open-mindedness. Even in this crisis situation, we have not failed to stay alive to address the queries and concerns of our clients.

Enlighten us on your exclusive Voice call based solutions?
VibTree’s voice call solutions are broadcast products which helps route calls smoothly to the team based on the routing strategy. The idea is to enable enterprises with a good view over their reach in the business strategies. Providing a detailed report on how many people attended the calls, the average duration of the call, and the particular date and time of maximum reach, people can calculate their strategies. We also provide an additional feature where the enterprise navigates the caller to specific requirements by dialling number with respect to the voice commands.

It is the strength and willingness of the team that plays a major part in a startup’s success. What do you have to tell us about your team?
I have been working in the communications industry for a decade. We have a dedicated team with members having track records of 15 years and rich industry knowledge working with large telecoms. Our core engagements are happening mainly in the Network Operations Centre (NOC). After you sell a product, it is all about the service it delivers according to its capability. Our efficient team monitors everything from head to toe after the delivery of the product.

Having established well enough within a short span of time, is there any plans to expand your geographical territory?
Of course, yes. Last year we opened an office in USA for telecom solutions. In US, business is flourishing as we have completed more than one billion calls per month. For this year, we are planning to expand our business to Philippines since it is becoming a major market for communication solutions. We hope that by the year 2021, we will be making out footprints in Singapore as well.

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