Bhaskar Deo: Bringing Seamlessness To Businesses Via Sound

Bhaskar Deo,Co-Founder and CEO

Bhaskar Deo

Co-Founder and CEO

Bhaskar is founder of one of most innovative startups in IoT space in India that provides frictionless connectivity and security to IoT devices using data over sound waves. As the CEO and co-founder of Trillbit, he takes the responsibility to manage the entire organisation backed by an effective team.

Before founding Trillbit, Bhaskar led an advanced imaging project in Middle East in Shclumberger. He led the teams working on advanced seismic imaging techniques such as Full Waveform Inversion and Seismic Guided Drilling in Egypt, Kuwait, India and US. Bhaskar was a part of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and MIT's prestigious SSF fellowship.

Trillbit’s data over sound technology is providing a range of solutions in Broadcast & Second Screen, Live Events, Secure Payments, IOT and Retail. They have a team with deep domain expertise in sound, IoT and data transmission. Led by Bhaskar, Trillbit’s team is an expert on endless applications ranging from payments to consumer electronics. Having Co-founded Trillbit, Bhaskar is the CEO for the past three years, and under his leadership and responsibility, Trillbit has gained rapid growth and reputation in the market among other organisations in the same field. The following conversation is an excerpt of the interview with the CIO Insider team, wherein Bhaskar explains the operations of Trillbit in detail.

IOT technology has revolutionized the business world through its disruptive innovations since the past couple of decades, what was the inspiration

behind the decision to venture into such a unique domain of IOT technology within the IT services sector?
Technology has disrupted every industry in the last few decades, from retail to education or as Marc Andreessen puts it, "Software is eating the world". However, seamless connectivity and security are still a huge problem. Coming from the background of Sound, we realized that sound could solve this problem. And we were uniquely positioned to develop a technology that can have a massive impact in the IOT space.

Trillbit enables frictionless connectivity between devices for authentication and proximity-based interactions, using proprietary data over sound technology

While observing the business landscape undergoing a complete change over due to the above mentioned influence of IT revolution, what do you think are some of the key areas organizations or startups need to engage in order to thrive in the future?
The current revolution has come from a seamless flow of information and efficiencies that this information flow and data has created. While this has brought huge gains, there is still a massive opportunity in the underlying infrastructure in terms of security, trust of the data and accurate data-driven decisions. Organizations and start-ups can benefit from investing in these opportunities in Internet of Things security infrastructure, blockchain, and data trust, as well as in machine learning for actionable insights from the data.

Brief us about the innovative and unique IOT services rendered by your organization, and how have you supported the operational aspects of the company while delivering the services?
Trillbit is building the "Internet of Sound," a proximity communication platform

based on sound. Trillbit enables frictionless connectivity between devices for authentication and proximity-based interactions, using proprietary data over sound technology. Trillbit's technology is deployed in over 2 million devices and has pilots that can take the number to over 20 million.

Brief us about a challenging project which your organization had to undertake that was completed using your expertise in the IT domain.
One of the significant challenges for us was that we needed an app to integrate our SDK. However, we developed a web-based protocol, and that opened a huge market for us as we can now be integrated into a web page without the need for an app. This was not trivial, and our team did a great job in making sure that our tech worked as effectively on the web as it did on a native app.

Tell us about the challenges that you encountered while leading the organization, also tell us about the strategies adopted to mitigate such hurdles and how did it help in enhancing your experience in the IOT sector?
We are a completely new technology, and hence one of the biggest challenges was establishing trust with the customers. We initially worked on a model of POC, pilot, and then we finally got commercial project to develop a relationship and show customers that we can deliver what we promise. We are still on making our solution a standard trusted solution by partnering with some of the world leaders in tech, such as Cisco and Samsung.

What message would you like to impart across your potential clients and young entrepreneurs who are striving to succeed in their field of operations?
For both clients and young entrepreneurs, I have a simple message - never underestimates the value of simplicity and seamlessness. Great multibillion-dollar companies have been built by understanding customers and giving them a frictionless experience. So please invest in making the life of your customers simpler.

Organization: Trillbit
Headquartered: Bengaluru / Boston
Domain: Information Technology And Services

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