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Vir Softech: Deploying Innovation Driven Technology for Business Process

 Deepak Garg, Managing Director

Deepak Garg

Managing Director

Vir Softech, headquartered in Noida with a sales office in Japan, is a government certified innovation driven technology startup, with a strong focus on digitization, imaging and computer vision technology products and services. The company is one of the most preferred CMS service providers that clearly understands the requirements of the organization and provide many add-ons to enhance the overall user experience, business process and security of digital assets. The MD shares a detailed insight on Vir Softech’s expertise and accomplishments.

In conversation with Deepak Garg, Managing Director, Vir Softech

As companies grow more agile and flexible to stay on top of customer demands, BPM (Business Process Management) continues to embrace technological innovation. How is Vir Softech positioned in this market?
Today, most of the organizations generate a large amount of data every day across different departments and at various customer touch points. Making this data digitally available to the stakeholders instantly is what Vir Softech’s BPM platform enables for an organization. Furthermore, we are also providers of Document Management, Enterprise Content Management,Workflow and Process Automation solutions on Open Source Platform. We have consistently grown in last 3-4 years to establish ourselves as one of the key players to offer Content Management and BPM solutions on the open source platform. We are a registered service provider of DSpace open source content management platform and have integrated it with Activiti open source BPM platform. We have done some of the hitech content management and integrated BPM implementations both in government and enterprise segments. Basically, our

key members have diversified technology background and that’s why it is possible for us to extend the offering of DSpace open source platform to include BPM using machine learning, complex workflows, data extraction and forms processing adding significant value to our customers beyond basic DMS (Document Management System) functionalities.

Vir Softech’s BPM solution is based on the Open Source platform and hence can be customized completely to meet customer’s requirements

The importance of BPM has been elevated as organizations seek to stay ahead of the curve by putting technology in place to allow for streamlined processes and continued growth and expansion. In what ways does Vir Softech provide cost-effective support and maintenance services to the customers?
VirSoftech’s BPM solution is based on the Open Source platform and hence can be customized completely to meet customer’s requirements. Our customization strategy is based on addressing key business problems faced by the customer along with the recommendation of industry best practices for a specific domain. Another advantage of open source platform is that it significantly reduces acquisition and ownership cost for end-user. The solution is based on latest web technologies stack and hence brings a great user experience for the customers. With Vir Softech’s BPM solution, the customer is in complete control and we provide comprehensive user manual and training along with well defined support program. With opensource platform combined with latest web technology stack, Vir Softech’s BPM solution is real value for money for our customers.

As market trends and customer demands change over time, so does your company goals, needs, and demands. What are the pain points that your customers come up to you with? How do you help them through these challenges?
The biggest challenge that organizations face today is to have a

seamlessly integrated BPM solution. Any BPM solution in an organization has to be implemented with tight integration with existing enterprise applications in order to achieve high efficiency and seamless User Experience.VirSoftech has implemented its BPM solutions integrating it with enterprise applications such as SAP, Google Enterprise, Salesforce etc. with single sign-on functionality to give a seamless experience to the users.

What recent or current engagements do you have with clients in troubleshooting their business challenges?
Currently, we are working with one of the large corporate firms, automating their sales and service processes by using open source DMS/BPM solution. Vir Softech’s BPM solution automates customers’ sales delivery and sales service processes having seamless integration with their existing SAP solution and single sign-on authentication. Additionally, VirSoftech has done some of the most prestigious DMS/BPM implementations in Government, partnering with various large System Integrators in India.

How is the market going to change for BPM? Tell us about your future impressions for Vir Softech?
Earlier, traditional organizations in India were active adopters of proprietary BPM solutions. However, now there is a new liking among Corporates for open source BPM platforms especially in BFSI, Healthcare and Manufacturing segments. This not only helps them to significantly reduce their total cost of acquisition and ownership of a BPM solution, but it also gives them full control of their solution and future enhancements. With large reference implementations, cutting edge technology and comprehensive ongoing support, we are poised to offer DMS/BPM solutions on Open Source platform to organizations especially in Government, BFSI,Healthcare and Manufacturing sectors.

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