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VueData Technologies: Meeting the Unique Scaling Demands of Databases

Murugesan Ganesan, Director

VueData has been providing IT Services to fortune 500 companies for the past 5 years, with a focus on Retail, Media, and Enterprise markets. Recently however, VueData began to see opportunities develop around automating database deployment technologies and services, where many existing tools in the market were lacking. This gave birth to our first platform product VueData DB DaaS, which provides continuous integration and delivery services (CI/CD) for databases at scale. We got talking with Murugesan Ganesan, the Director of VueData Technologies and got a few insights.

In conversation with Murugesan Ganesan, Director, VueData Technologies

With a number of cloud computing solution providers in the market, how does VueData’s cloud computing stand apart from the competitors and also give us a brief on its valuable cloud features for different complex organizations?
Outside of automating the deployment process in complex database configurations, VueData stands out from competitors with a focus on supporting large scale data initiatives around Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning projects with the Wisecube platform called Nephos.

The Wisecube Nephos solution provides a full end to end hybrid cloud analytic and machine learning platform that enables the real time collection of data and transformation into instant actionable intelligence. Instead of using standard off the shelf ETL (Extract Transfer Load) and Big Data solutions for data management or analytics, the Wisecube Nephos platform focuses on integrating the best of Machine Learning technologies with real time and batch data processing pipelines, in

order to provide a superior end to end data experience.By partnering with Wisecube, we can now effectively support any data project at scale, while also providing expertise in machine learning, AI, and streaming technologies.

The VueData platform is powered by high performance NodeJS APIs, delivering 24x7 OTT content in 4K, Dolby and Stereo formats

Ease of mobile and internet facility has improved business that has optimized work process; tell us about the development that a business can attain by VueData’s mobility service?
One of our other areas of expertise is Media Streaming technologies that support “Over The Top”(OTT) platforms. The VueData platform is powered by high performance NodeJS APIs, delivering 24x7 OTT content in 4K, Dolby and Stereo formats. This supports content delivery at the highest quality across the world. For instance; currently, our platform is supporting an Indian streaming media service named Tentkotta, with about 30K+ concurrent streaming users.

Business needs have changed with advance use of database applications and continuous Integration and deployment features, tell us about VueData’s database application and CI/CD management that can help customers to achieve business goals using your IT solution?
The DB DaaS platform provides implementation of CI/CD for the database that helps the Database Administrators and Developers seamlessly migrate certain types of SQL and NoSQL databases. DB DaaS transforms the database migration and deployment into a simple, reliable and repeatable continuous delivery process.

With automatic migration, customizable user role management, rich set of API’s the DB DaaS makes itself a complete suite of database migration service. DB DaaS makes the database code deployment as a fast and reliable release automation thus eliminates the risk of human error and security vulnerabilities.

In today’s generation studying data patterns has played a major role in predicting customer needs and brings about right business change. How can VueData’s analytical big data decision making help in changing and implementing better business strategies?
Many Big Data technology firms focus on the latest technology, the most popular algorithms, or newest analytic libraries to solve business challenges. At VueData, we focus on the end result, where the decision making is based on what solutions provide the greatest value as it relates to the project and end user requirements. We take a bottom to top approach by identifying the key needs of an end user and solve the problem in reverse. Technology companies far too often, mistakenly, focus on how solutions and underlying technologies are implemented, rather than what value is delivered. We take an approach that the end user demands always drive decision making, not what technology is available or easiest to implement.

Any success story that speaks strongly of VueData’s expertise and experience in implementations?
A large telecommunications company was seeing massive delays and inefficiencies with managing its large database infrastructure as it related to the application development process, where constant changes in the database environment would cause cascading problems affecting the application release cycle.

VueData solved this complex problem with the VueData DB DaaS and its ability to automate Database CI/CD. DB DaaS brought efficiencies in CI/CD automation that includes executing DB migration scripts in the right environment, tracking database code changes, script validation and packaging database code with the click of a button. This was able to eliminate application lifecycle inefficiencies across hundreds of DB nodes and reduce delays from days to just a few minutes.

What is the future for VueData and what more products & offerings should the market expect?
I can say, VueData is pushing forward to build best of breed software solutions in database infrastructure tools and business applications, with an expanded focus on AI and machine learning technologies.

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