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Thinkonic: Supporting Organizations in their Overall Goals and Strategic Priorities

Piyush Thacker,  Co-Founder & Director

Piyush Thacker

Co-Founder & Director

Thinkonic is an India based outsourcing provider co-founded by Piyush and Snehal who have 15 plus years of experience in IT outsourcing projects and product development. Their vision and mission is to deliver optimal solutions with quality at reasonable price. The company’s specialty lies in helping organizations in building their products or businesses effectively, in a way that supports their overall goals and strategic priorities.

In conversation with Piyush Thacker, Co-Founder & Director, Thinkonic

Executives are not looking at cloud as just a tool to leverage their infrastructure anymore. They are now exploring optimal ways to use cloud technology in order to strategize their business goals.

How does Thinkonic add value to business transformation?
Thinkonic is an India based Outsourcing Service Provider Company, founded in May 2017. We are a team of 5 seasoned professionals providing services which include staff augmentation, ad development, architecture review,and business requirement analysis. These services deliver solutions to different industries. In staff augmentation, Thinkonic provides consultants to the company who needs extra helping hands for their project. These

companies don't want to hire full time employees for cost saving, so Thinkonic team provides them consultants who will be a part of their project without administrative burden of on boarding a full time employee. Secondly, we also fulfill the requirements of custom application development like mobile application or enhancements in the existing product or application through our services. Lastly, we help businesses to gather information about their customers and their requirements. This is in interest of enabling our client to provide a correct solution to their client in turn, hassle free. Our motto is to make our clients’ work hassle free so that they can focus only on their growth and all other burden is ours.

In staff augmentation, Thinkonic provides consultants to the company who needs extra helping hands for their project

The real challenge today is aligning business and IT functions for secure and competent technology. How are you dealing with these challenges and providing necessary requirements to the clients?
The most important thing in today's world is collaboration. And, most of the clients have one common problem, how do we work with remote teams? People are working from different locations; and still get their work done by the end of the day. Likewise, Thinkonic worked with a client who was managing everything using emails, or phone calls on our office 365 (Office 365 is like a collaboration tool where everybody shares their documents in SharePoint space). This provides a collaborative environment to the whole team where they can work together on the same thing towards the same goal and can

even solve their problems on any project. Similarly, if a developer is working from India for an architect in London or the client is in UAE site, Thinkonic provides office 365 to their clients where they can have a SharePoint site posted for everybody. The document is shared across with the team and the client. So basically nobody is looking at the emails to figure out what is the history of any particular task or particular engagement Additionally, the other important thing is the transparency with the client. Our business analysts help clients to get their sign offs and other formalities completed while they are focusing on business side of the things.

Kindly share any achievement or case study of yours to bring out a good story.
We were associated with one client who got really appreciated for bringing in chatbots. Thinkonic team was working with them since day one. We started by analyzing the market, and then compare the products with competitors so that we can come up with the best product in the market. Thinkonic, with the help of its services suggested the process for day to day functional activities to the development team and also how to improve their product further. It was like a full involvement from top to bottom for their product at every stage. Thinkonic helped the client as an outsourcing provider catering to their IT needs.

After such accomplishments, what is currently happening in Thinkonic that might be reflected in the near future?
In the near future, we are definitely looking towards grabbing knowledge on AI, machine learning and then upgrading our clients. This means when we gain knowledge, we will share the knowledge with the clients too, so that they can also move forward to the possibilities to do more business. And as far as the team is concerned, we are now planning to engage with more customers to collaborate and input value to their products.

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