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Winjit: Ushering in a Wave of Transformation in the Way Machine Learning is Adopted

Abhijit Junagade,Director & Founder

Abhijit Junagade

Director & Founder

By now we know, that there are innumerable possibilities of AI that easily surpass our most artistically fecund imaginations. Despite the growing need for roles relating to the Analytics field across the globe, entrepreneurs as well as giant organizations are always searching for ways to improve the data science workflow. One of the key reasons for the constant search of upgradation is the repetitive nature of work put on the plates of data scientists and their peers. It may also indicate towards businesses putting in time and money to hire data scientists for considerably small amount of operating data. Developing machine learning models requires a time-consuming and expert driven worklow, which includes data preparation, feature selection, model or technique selection, training, and tuning. Automated ML is the new notion that aims to automate this workflow. More so, the need of the hour is a platform that can enable developers to get capabilities of machine learning activities without requiring a complete knowledge of machine learning. Established in 2004 at Nashik, Maharashtra, Winjit has resolved this bottleneck with their product called ‘PredictSense’.

With extensive experience in delivering enterprise software solutions across conventional technology and mobile based technology, Winjit offers an optimized and fully integrated stack of business mobility and software solutions. Having started as a summer internship project in entrepreneurship by two technology enthusiasts, Abhijit Junagade and Ashwin Kandoi, Winjit has grown as an engineering solutions provider, with over 200 clients across 44 countries globally - including some of the leading Fortune 500 companies.

"PredictSense enables developers to integrate models developed in any of their existing or new development, without worrying about the underneath programming language"

Enriching Businesses with Automated Machine Learning
The AI player's latest installment PredictSense has taken the market by a strong foothold. PredictSense is an automated machine learning platform built on an open API structure using efficient algorithms. It helps you to solve complex real-time business problems with its high-power algorithms in a very less amount of operational time. It builds predictive models which in turn helps you take precise and optimum business decisions. Winjit has been taking giant strides in introducing advanced machine learning driven solutions for different verticals and sectors that are playing a crucial role in various segments of the business process. Besides, Winjit products and platforms for machine learning are built on cloud and deployed on Edge.

PredictSense enables developers to integrate models developed in any of their existing or new development, without worrying about the under neath
programming language. This accounts

for the core reason for the traction gained from banking, IoT, retail and ERP applications customers. About the various features of PredictSense; this platform allows the users to avail the option of setting up multiple projects based on the requirement and can create sub-users for large-scale implementation within the functionality. The users are allowed to filter wanted and unwanted sections of data, while being presented with vast options of data transformation strategies. Moreover, the data flat file uploaded by the users is processed and cleaned with exploratory data analysis strategies. Users are given the freedom to configure the model training environment which comprises of various factors by means of which the client can boost the performance of the model building process. The most valued feature makes it possible for the user to evaluate any new data based on the predictions made for the trained models. Primarily, this saves the computational time of model development and evaluation on the scoring metrics. Generally, a company looking to introducing a machine learning solution has to go through a prep time of approximately 6 months which involves close to 15 different processes. Thus, by automating the entire chain of machine learning, Winjit is able to reduce almost 60 percent of the overall time and cost for any data driven business.

With such new entrant in the market, Winjit has turned the tables in machine learning domain. Therefore, it is safe to say, that machine learning will no more be a perk only for the established and giant players.

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