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WONDRx: Establishing Positive Change in Healthcare Ecosystem through Technology & Innovation

Pankaj Sindhu & Pankaj Agrawal,Co-Founders

Based in Mumbai, WONDRx is an innovation-based health-tech start-up which is conceptualized and executed with an attempt to integrate fragmented healthcare ecosystems in India & similar developing economies. The firm has an integrated blend of products like WONDRx kit for doctors, healthcare providers app & consumer app. WONDRx was founded by healthcare industry veterans - Pankaj Sindhu and Pankaj Agrawal. In our brief discussion with the founders, they explained how WONDRx is improving the lives of patients while positively impacting caregivers, healthcare providers & payers.

In conversation with Pankaj Sindhu & Pankaj Agrawal, Founders, WONDRx
Healthcare has gone a full circle with the digital transformation, and it looks like technologies have just started to enter the domain. As a healthcare technology domain player, how has WONDRx grown and adapted to the changes?
As a healthcare technology provider, we are adapting to changes with our unique & innovative digital solutions. We have launched SMART Rx Paper for doctors, which digitizes the handwritten prescriptions instantly, records clinical voice instructions of the doctor, plays videos on a tick with pen and does a lot more. WONDRx has also launched the first digital platform enabling any healthcare provider to create their digital presence & be able to transact business digitally in this lockdown. Be it a pharmacy or lab; a nurse, physio, dietician or a doctor, WONDRx app

brings everyone on the same digital platform to be able to transact digitally with their consumers. Also, WONDRx consumer app is another innovation in the given space, wherein, as a user, one gets the power of multiple healthcare apps. And with time, it will position itself as the biggest aggregator of healthcare.

WONDRx took upon the herculean task of making life easier not only for patients but also for healthcare providers

Elaborate on your distinguished solutions and which among them do you consider as your flagship offering that distinguishes WONDRx from its competitors?
Patients and Healthcare providers are our priority. For example - take the scenario of a large hospital having a good number of OPDs – whatever efforts the hospital would have made on asking the doctors to type the prescriptions have been in vain, and there is no data visibility on the OPD business for the hospital. This is just because the doctors have been known to handwrite the Rx, and it is tough to change that behaviour. Now imagine WONDRx SMART Rx Paper is in use, the doctor continues to handwrite the Rx, and every single piece of Rx gets digitized, giving an enormous amount of visibility. Now the solution doesn’t stop here – it connects the patient to the providers like pharmacy, pathology, etc.; immediately after the Rx is written. The patient gets a Digital Rx with voice instructions of the doctor advising the dosage instructions etc. WONDRx integrates the healthcare ecosystem and the patient journey straight from the clinic to post clinic providers and back to home-based needs.

Give a brief account of one of your successful implementation stories that have earned WONDRx significant amount of traction and trust of the healthcare fraternity.

The lockdown brought upon many challenges onto everyone’s life and continues to do so with limited visibility as to when one will be able to come out of this unprecedented situation. WONDRx took upon the herculean task of making life easier not only for patients but also for healthcare providers. Keeping this objective in mind and going by the #Digitalindia and #AtmaNirbhar tags, WONDRx has launched consumer and provider app in 180 plus cities. These apps allow individuals to get timely help, connect to the doctor, bring all the nearby providers onto the app and also retrieve old medical documents.

The next big thing with our company is the recently launched eConsult Module. The eConsult Module is Telemedicine Guidelines 2020 compliant & inbuilt for doctors in our WONDRx provider application. Beauty is that those doctors, who may want to handwrite the Rx and send it to patient, can achieve that through an app along with voice notes etc. This is available to every single consumer and provider of this country without any annual subscription charges. This is the first significant contribution from WONDRx in creating digital health access.

What further innovation do you plan to include in your healthcare technology offerings?
We are striving each day to solve issues that medical fraternity, other providers or consumers face. With our current offerings, we have made a very humble beginning to provide them simple access to healthcare by integrating them all. Over time with deep ML, AI implementations, we would like to strengthen our offerings on analytics which will have the potential to generate real world evidence and shape the treatment protocols or contribute to research development. Additionally, our mid to long term strategic offerings would be voice to text products that have the potential to transcribe the data with precision even as dialect changes with every 200 Km in India. And for consumers, we will continue to improve stickiness on the app to institutionalize this app as a one-stop shop for all healthcare needs.

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