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Wysetek Systems Technologists: Creating A Vanguard To All Advanced Security Threats

Rajesh Mathkar,  Director

According to MarketsandMarkets, the global cyber security market will increase from an anticipated value of $173.5 billion in 2022 to $266.2 billion by 2027, at an 8.9 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2022 to 2027. More target-based cyberattacks on organisations causing operational disruption, rising demand for IoT security solutions, increased data breaches, and growing worries about cyberattacks on vital infrastructure are some of the factors driving market expansion. However, the difficulties in deploying and implementing cyber security solutions, as well as the different nature of complex cyber threats, can only be solved by collaborating with a capable cybersecurity solution provider

Wysetek Systems Technologists has 32 years of experience delivering integrated technology solutions and has a track record of effectively designing robust security systems and offering services to a diverse range of world class enterprises.

"We understand our client's demands through a thorough consultation as your digital transformation partner. What distinguishes us is our unique capacity to comprehend and anticipate the complexities of tactical business situations, as well as to design relevant solutions. Our execution is prompt and systematic, and we have highly trained personnel on the job. Furthermore, since maintaining our work is critical to us, we have frequent follow-up assessments and audits, as well as a 24-hour support team", highlights Rajesh Mathkar, Director at Wyseted Systems Technologists.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider Magazine, Rajesh Mathkar, Director at Wysetek Systems Technologists walks us through the unique traits of the company:

Tell us about the inception story of Wysetek and the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far?
Wysetek was started in 1990 by three IT specialists with the purpose of providing customers with the optimum services and technology solutions. We began as a small-scale local assembler in 1990 before expanding into a system integrator, solution provider, and national player.

Could tell us about the latest technologies adopted by the company for serving the highest quality of

service in this industry.
We have always been abreast of the changing market dynamics and technology advancements. We understand that it has become imperative for businesses to mitigate threats so as to run operations without any hindrance. Especially, the post COVID world has witnessed a significant increase in cybersecurity attacks like never before. To help our clients, we have latest security solutions at our disposal which is backed with latest technologies such as 24x7 NOC, Integrated call management solution with Mobile app for field people, and COE & Lab infrastructure.

What distinguishes us is our unique capacity to comprehend and anticipate the complexities of tactical business situations, as well as to design relevant solutions

Could you give a brief account about the company's anti-APTs (advanced persistent threats) solutions?
We offer Highly integrated with security platform solutions. Our Anti APT cybersecurity practice is well-developed, wherein, it detects and identifies evasive threats in real time, and delivers in-depth analysis and pertinent actionable intelligence that is at the heart of the Custom Defense solution. It has been improved to accommodate the increasing demand. We represent three various brands for these, and we choose the brand dependent on the customer.

Tell us about a recent challenging case study reflecting the success of the company's solutions that were deployed to draw positive outcomes?
We have successfully revamped server security for a major cooperative bank. This urban co-operative bank in India was founded with the primary goal of aiding the community's less fortunate people in their economic endeavors. The cooperative bank encouraged savings and to provide funds to help worthy members. However, the banking industry as a whole has been a breeding ground for hackers worldwide, including India. The introduction of digital banking and mobile apps makes it even more important for banks CIOs and IT teams to safeguard the overall infrastructure.

For supporting its essential business processes, our client (bank) has critical operations placed on physical and virtual servers running Windows, Rhel, and AIX operating systems, among others. The majority of the servers and software applications were old and out of current in their IT infrastructure. The bank was also experiencing numerous issues and challenges when it came to installing patches for management, accessibility, and other purposes. The key purpose here was to modernize server security to secure physical and

virtual servers by applying advanced security capabilities to legacy software applications, which would improve manageability and increase server productivity.

After a complete study survey conducted by a high profile technical team of Wysetek Systems Technologists, the outcome was to deploy the security which could protect physical, virtual and cloud servers with advanced features such as vulnerabilities, anti malwares, firewall among others. A complete, centrally managed platform that can help simplify security operations (DC/DR) while facilitating regulatory compliance and speeding the ROI of virtualization and cloud projects was required.

Wysetek recommended deep security with business continuity to the bank in order to accomplish the required server security. Deep Security protects physical, virtual, and cloud servers with enhanced server security. It safeguards company applications and data against breaches and business disruptions without the need for emergency patching.

The solution provided various benefits to the bank, including deep security and business continuity, both of which were critical for improving the firm's security posture. The solution aided in easy management since the agent based setup delivers greater protection with anti-malware features like memory scanning and registry scanning. All components of the system can be remotely deployed in a single agent using the management console. Importantly, agent deployment on servers is a one time event, and subsequent operations like agent upgrade and agent activation/deactivation can all be managed from a deep security manager without requiring access to distant servers. Today, India's oldest urban co-op bank has improved server security thanks to the Wysetek team's adoption of deep security.

What are the future plans of Wysetek? How does it plan to execute them?
Cloud security is a major focus for us, and we have made significant investments in terms of personnel, certification, and training. We are also looking forward to creating a SOC (Security Operation Center) and increasing our focus on cybersecurity to become a more dominant IT player in the industry. In addition to our current worldwide leaders, we will collaborate with cybersecurity startups and OEMs.

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Wysetek Systems Technologists: Creating A Vanguard To All Advanced Security Threats