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SRC Cyber Solutions: Ushering in Next Generation Technologies to Combat Cybersecurity Threats

  Rohit Khandelwal,   Partner

The digital age, along with its many benefits also has a flipside Cybersecurity threats. With the passage of time, hackers with their malicious intent to cause cyberattacks which have grown at a pace that is hard to combat. Protecting critical information and infrastructure from cyberattacks, has become paramount and companies are slowly but surely understanding the need to defend against such malicious threats that not only include breaches of their confidential documents but also entail a loss of reputation, and compromised relationships with clients and, legal jeopardy.

Uniquely positioned in this space is SRC Cyber Solutions LLP (SRC), which aims to optimize, protect and transform digital assets with cutting-edge technologies along with a high degree of automation in collaboration with its business partners.

With the rapid change in the field of Cybersecurity Solutions and technological innovations, SRC continues to add leading technologies to its existing portfolio and stay current ahead and ready for unique cybersecurity complexities and future threats.

Rohit Khandelwal, Partner at SRC Cyber Solutions LLP has led the company with his ironclad leadership that has helped the company to garner the Top 10 Cyber Security Solution Providers title. His passion for IT security solutions and related services with a focus on high quality and consideration of the future versus legacy technologies, service and support have spearheaded the company's success. Currently in conversation with him where we learn in detail about the SRC's offerings and its journey to success.

Define SRC Cyber Solutions'position in the IT Security Solutions and Services
We are providers of nextgeneration, highly automated, capable, userfriendly, and costeffective technologies in the Cybersecurity and infrastructure

domain. Looking at the present and future threat landscape with the possibility of limited skilled technical resources our technologies would be able to enable clients with the highest capabilities and accuracy.

We are providers of next-generation, highly automated user-friendly technologies in the cybersecurity domain

Though this is a new venture, I must add that we are moving at an impressive pace and already have a strong clientele and partner base who trust us with their security concerns. The future is limitless, and we are ready to cater to diverse needs with our capabilities and solutions.

Tell us what makes customers rely on your solutions portfolio
Having realized at the outset, quality and service are paramount in everything we do, we provide solutions that are `best-in-class'and in keeping with the best industry standards.

The first is the quality, the technical ability and the capability of being able to detect next-generation threats. The second is our service and support, which is of the highest standard. Our value proposition also includes our ability to assess the future, where technology will stand with respect to automation, threat landscape, along with the possibilities of the unavailability of skilled resources and so this brings us back to my first statement for providing nextgeneration, highly automated, capable and userfriendly technologies. Keeping in mind costs, with our high degree of automation and capabilities, we bring in a strong RoI.

With the quality of work that we have done, our clients are more than happy to engage and let prospective clients know of our capabilities, service, support and proactive nature.

Can you explain some of your solutions in detail?
We launched Ironscales, a Self-Learning (AI/ML) User Friendly Platform for comprehensive Email Security with a very high degree of automation. Iron scales provides several advanced detection techniques for threats, such as Phishing, Impersonation attempts, Fake Login, Account Takeover, and URLs Links detection using Computer Vision

Technology with 50+ engines scanning for advanced Malware Detection, Anomaly Detection, Business Email Compromise using Natural Language Processing (NLP) that offers a multi-layered approach with Incident Response, a Virtual SOC along with a Training and Simulation Module for User Awareness. Ironscales is an Award Winning Platform with several recognitions due to its 'approach' high automation, User friend liness, and capabilities.

Then we have Automox which again, is a highly automated Patching and Endpoint Management Platform. Automox is Cloudnative, cross-OS Platform that dramatically reduces the time, effort, and complexity it takes to manage multiple operating systems. Automox enforce Patches, Security configurations, Software deployment, and Custom scripting across Windows, Mac and Linux systems all from one console, so there is no need for a lengthy setup or manual work and it's one tool that does the job.

Finally, we partner with Circadence (Project Ares) which is an ondemand Platform for Cyber Security Training. This is ideally suited for Academia/SOC Operators and Corporates. It is based on Battle Rooms with Battle Fields and Missions which all can be pre-planned by the Trainers or for Users to independently go ahead with the various Stages. It has an inbuilt evaluation system and scoring based on performance. The Missions can be done individually or in Teams. The Platform has a vast library of knowledge that can also be accessed.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for SRC Cyber Solutions LLP?
We are only looking at innovative, next generation, highly automated and user friendly technologies which are simple to operate. We keep adding on new next generation technologies, keeping the same principles and value proposition in mind to be able to address the customer pain points.

Interesting enough, we would be adding a few new technologies by early 2023, which would complement our existing portfolio and enhance our overall value proposition.

Clients and Partners form a foundational part of our ecosystem and with time, we must be able to address changing needs which also may be more complex considering the future threat landscape. We are also focused on upskilling so that we can respond to the dynamic needs of the industry.

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