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Xmplar: Inducing Data Driven Management Decisions

Raju Mohan R, CEO

Bengaluru based, Xmplar is a fast-growing Information Technology firm established in 2013 that offers Strategic Planning & Consulting, Project Management, Application development & Maintenance services. The firm stays ahead of the curve by picking the right Technology stack, and delivering projects on time. Xmplar’s flagship CREST ERP, is a comprehensive set of modules which enables SMB and Large enterprise to operate seamlessly. The CEO further details us on how CREST is making a difference for the manufacturer community.

In conversation with Raju Mohan R, CEO, Xmplar

Over the years, businesses have been taking advantage of ERP solutions to streamline their operations and cut the complexities of managerial processes. What are the challenges that exist in manufacturing industry and how is Xmplar particularly addressing them?
As highly dynamic and competitive in nature it is, the manufacturing industry has to have an integrated solution that can enhance efficiency, diminish costs, increase sales and profitability but most importantly, enable the organization to make accurate, informed and strategic decisions. An ERP system might be the answer to all these requirements. We offer CREST ERP. It is an enterprise class product comprising of various modules like Sales, inventory, Purchase, Manufacturing, Finance, HR and Ecommerce which is very well suited for MSME’s and Large Enterprises.

Most ERP products would claim to have all or most of the features which are required for a business. But the key

challenge lies in the product flexibility, depth of the information, and reports suiting the ever changing customer needs. Another key challenge is the ‘Domain Expertise’ of the implementer. I feel half the battle is ‘won’ if the consultants understand the business requirements thoroughly. A client always expects a successful & working project and these aforementioned factors contribute immensely for a successful implementation.

CREST ERP is agile and flexible where the client needs can be quickly configured with minimal customizations

CREST ERP is agile and flexible where the client needs can be quickly configured with minimal customizations. Process depth in each module is vast which easily maps to the client needs. We at Xmplar, are a very strong implementation team having domain expertise in various industries which is one of the key factor for a successful implementation

Maintaining inventory and meeting customer demand is critical for keeping up with buying trends, keeping customers satisfied and avoiding inventory management issues. How is Xmplar’s approach towards providing inventory management different from similar vendors in the market?
The Inventory Module in CREST ERP is state of art technology that gives you several reports not only to manage all the vendors, sub vendors at a single place, but also helps you in having an eagle eye view of what is happening in all of your warehouses and stake holder’s end. Our Inventory module is simple and easy to understand which makes the record entry simple for all ERP users. CREST ERP has an inbuilt feature to track products safety stock, reorder level, QOH (Quantity on Hand). Features like ATP/Stock Reservation combined with MRP engine makes it a powerful tool.

Given the plethora of functions associated with a typical large scale

company, how do you put to use your project management portfolio for seamless operation?
Xmplar has a well tested and proven ‘Implementation Methodology’ which ensures that all the phases of implementation are well thought out and imbibed into the Project Plan with clear Roles & Responsibilities. Potential Issues & Risks are identified right at an early stage of the project and are tracked effectively till their closure. Governance model gives a clear guidance on the review& escalation mechanism for a successful implementation & seamless operation by taking into consideration all the stake holders of the project

CREST ERP must have registered few significant case studies. Share with us a success story that distinctly testifies Xmplar’s experience with implementations.

Of course. One of our esteemed customers needed an updated system which would provide more accurate data with easier accessibility. Moreover, they sought an electronic processing and information sharing platform with an ability to generate timely reports.

CREST was able to address the issues. We have implemented a web based cloud ERP to facilitate the ongoing project management and processes. We were successful in feedback, providing training, documentation, production rollout,and end-user & operational support.

What more exciting and essential features or products are you planning to introduce in the market for manufacturers?
Our goal is to provide an interconnected and inter woven system connecting business and various stakeholders (like suppliers, customers, distributors, dealers) seamlessly. Another area which we are actively working is to see how AI capabilities can be incorporated across the product to simplify the user entry; for instance, building an AI model using Machine Learning & NLP for auto creating the Purchase Invoice in CREST ERP. Hopefully, we will be able to bring major breakthroughs in the manufacturing domain.

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