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  • Peter Anil Rego, Co-Promoter & Director ATC Online, Ivan Fernandes Founder & Director, Nigel Fernandes, Co-Promoter & Director ATC Online

    Peter Anil Rego, Co-Promoter & Director ATC Online, Ivan Fernandes Founder & Director, Nigel Fernandes, Co-Promoter & Director ATC Online

  • Pacifyca is an exceptional innovation in education system that introduces synergy between teachers, students, and parents. This school ERP software enables school authorities to carry out all day to day activities of the school such as ad-mission, attendance, accounts etc., making them all real time, fast, easy, efficient and accurate. It is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution. We tried to dig further into its features and functionalities. The director gave us a detailed account of their venture and how the education sector is in great need of solutions like Pacifyca.

  • Pacifyca: Delivering Technology to The Underserved Education Segment

Because Imparting Education Should Be Primary

By: Emmanuel Christi Das Editor

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was born in infancy as early as in the 1960s.

Forward-Thinking Enterprises Trust Capable ERP Systems As The Key Contributors To Their Business Growth

By: Sayed Peerzade, Group CIO, Reliance Entertainment

ERP systems transform, integrate and scale businesses better today than they ever have.

Ever-Changing Landscape Of ERP

By: Jeff Wagaman, VP, Enterprise Solutions & Executive CIO, Smiths Medical

Cloud computing will play a significant role over the next 5-10 years for companies that have deployed an ERP.


Threefold Advantages Of ERP

By: Sohil Karia, Chief Design & Technology Director, Schbang

Whether it is a growing single-site specialty manufacturer or a large multinational


How Smart Technology Is Re-Shaping The Classroom Experience In The Education Industry

By: Dilip Puri, Founder & CEO, Indian School of Hospitality

The classrooms of our school years complete with dusty blackboards


Cultivating An Effective Data Culture

By: Prashant Momaya, Head, Customer Consulting, India, Tableau

Most companies today understand the value data holds; from an early stage start-up


Role Of Technology In The K-12 Segment

By: Purnendra Kishore, Group CEO & Mentor, Edfora Infotech

Meet Aryan, a kid studying in the 3rd grade. In his classroom,


Digital Engineering Practices: Enhancing The Technological Landscape Of Tomorrow

By: Narayanan Ramanathan, Global Head- Digital Engineering, L&T Technology Services

It is widely known by now that technology is influencing our lives like never before.


Digital Revolution

By: Chander Khanduja, CIO, Luminous Power Technologies

Digital Revolution is the next big thing which happens in our world after the industrial revolution.


10 Most Recommended Education ERP Solution Providers - 2019