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Yashuss Unlimited: Resolving Clients Process Pain Area in Various Technological Domains

Purushothaman TR,Founder & CEO

Purushothaman TR

Founder & CEO

Yashuss Unlimited, headquartered in Mumbai, helps its clients in achieving better ROI, leveraging their assets to get more value mitigate risk in overall process chain and also assist them to implement simplification as a culture. The company’s aim is to help their clients to drive right value with the process focused solutions and become a single stop solution factory for all clients’ right from machine manufacturing to technology-enabled solutions. The Founder gives a detailed explanation of how Yashuss walks the last mile in helping clients embrace guaranteed success.

In conversation with Purushothaman TR, Founder & CEO, Yashuss Unlimited

Compared to traditional IT solutions, RPA enables organizations to automate at a fraction of cost and time previously encountered. How does Yashuss Unlimited cater to its solutions to industries that are in need?
Yashuss Unlimited as a company is like ISRO to Space Age. We deliver value proposition by mix and match of RPA along with BPM platforms to drive value across the entire customer process chain. Our differentiating factor in the market is that we don't focus on the product but more towards customers' process. We spend a lot of time during the design phase or the project and understand the business progress well and try to fit the multitude of products

to make it work. We are a company that looks to drive value to the customer through a multitude of products.

RPAs deliver direct profitability along with increased accuracy across industries. This helps in transforming and streamlining the organization’s workflow. Give us a picture of the key solutions that Yashuss Unlimited provides to help organizations transform?

We deliver value proposition by mix and match of RPA along with BPM platforms to drive value across the entire customer process chain

Yashuss Unlimited focuses on transforming the organizations using RPA in the areas of Master Data Management, Order Management, Invoice Process Management, Collection Process Management, Reconciliation of Customer and Vendor Ledgers, Design and Delivery of Automation Solutions Discounts, Promotions and Offers in FMCG, Retail and Pharma Domains. Our whole approach is to simplify and automate existing processes which shall release capacity to do more strategic work. We are one of the companies who had this vision to drive the wave of next-generation automation. Additionally, we do both transactional and cognitive robotics depending upon the need of our clients, thus unlocking hidden factories inside operations which result in improvement of efficiency and enhanced capacity to absorb future demands.

Though RPA is expected to increase accuracy, speed and business productivity, some organizations consider it is a tough task to deploy and implement in the whole level of

processes. How do you overcome such challenges that are persisting in the industry?

Yes, it is a tough challenge to deploy RPA as the upstream processes are non-linear and always not in 100 percent form and shape to be suited directly to RPA. We use our vast solution expertise to convert the non-linear processes to the linear process by using BPM and then applying RPA on top of it to make it work. This unique approach from our end eliminates the need for multiple solutions for the customer and drives transformation and value acceleration at the lowest possible cost.

Kindly brief us about any of your achievements which helped customers in empowering their businesses?
We worked with one of the Retail and FMCG companies. They were facing problems in Master Data Creation for the articles (products/ items) maintained in ERP for creation of orders to suppliers. And also retaining knowledge of master data creation was becoming a challenge due to attrition of workforce to the tune of 40 percent annually. So, we implemented a unique approach that smoothly blends BPM with RPA. Our real-time visibility with enhanced notification engine of BOT Performance Reports available in BPM provided cutting edge automation solution.

What is your outlook for the company? And also what new and unique products will Yashuss Unlimited introduce in near future?
We as a company are looking forward to excelling ourselves in Intelligent Process Automation with the combination of cognitive, chat and transactional BOT coupled with hybrid portals for organizations to get efficiency as well as speed to reach their vision. We pride ourselves as ISRO of technology solution in engineering space for delivering cost effective solutions to CXOs and process owners with highest transformational value.

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