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Zen3: Deciphering and Solving Issues using Novel Tech Capabilities

Phanindra Sri Manoj Kanumuri,CEO

From a small team in Seattle and Hyderabad a few years ago to a 1300 plus team across 8 delivery centres in 6 cities with sales presence in all global markets, Zen3 has grown exponentially since its establishment in 2013. The company is now present in Seattle, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Dublin, Vancouver, and Vizag, among other cities across the world. Zen3 uses industry-leading practices to deliver high-value solutions that drive long-term value. By delivering Digital Transformation as a service, in contrast to elementary Cloud services, Zen3 pursues Cloud, Data and AI for real transformation experience. Phanindra Sri Manoj Kanumuri, CEO, converses about how the company is leveraging its expertise in the IT domain.

In conversation with Phanindra Sri Manoj Kanumuri, CEO, Zen3

Advancements with respect to technology have do used cumbersome manual work conditions. Kindly explain how Zen3 is exercising its operations to transform their business ecosystem?
We have always been fascinated with the ideas that transform companies and industries. While working in the US, we happened to observe several contact centres which were using legacy systems and lacked proper audit and training processes. This led to multiple issues such as long implementation time, lack of customizability, and poor user experience resulting in loss of revenues. We identified an opportunity for digital transformation with actual measurable results. Our passion for technology and innovation coupled with

sizeable experience in heading large-scale global projects eventually took us to start Zen3. We utilize real-world applications of modern data science in order to solve some unique and complicated AI challenges. By building custom approaches, we derive actual benefits and measurable ROI.

Zen3 orchestrates large-scale technology driven transformations across digital, cloud, mobility, and data services

Whether emerging technologies is accepted or not, the shifting sands of technology will continue to influence the change according to the needs and demands. Elaborate in detail on the types and nature of IT solutions offered by the company.
Our Human-in-the-loop capabilities help the clients collect custom data sets, annotate it with the help of linguists and other data experts, and build advanced AI, ML, and automation capabilities. From collection to transcription to annotation and finally model-building, Zen3 provides trusted end-to-end data services. We work with variety of data sources across multiple media types from all over the world. In the Cloud services vertical, the company helps build Cloud-native applications, managing Cloud operations, implement DevOps to improve the development, testing and release management of enterprise applications. Our end-to-end Cloud solution portfolio includes consulting, assessment, migration support, and database operations management. In our Product Engineering vertical, Zen3 orchestrates large-scale technology driven transformations across digital, cloud, mobility, and data services.

The importance of a value-driven team cannot be excluded while briefing about an enterprise’s core practices. Tell us about the composition of core teams within the company and how do they ensure its smooth functioning.

Zen3’s services and engineering teams are divided into three Centres of Excellence – Data Services, Cloud Services, and Sayint for Advanced Speech Services. We bring cross-functional teams together for every client to provide comprehensive and complex digital transformation solutions. All of our delivery centres are staffed with cross-functional and domain expertise to ensure that each of our offices can provide the same high quality engineering and IT capabilities as every other office. Frequent collaboration and training sessions are conducted at our offices to help our team learn from the experiences and expertise of the other teams.

Kindly provide us with a case study in which Zen3 successfully met the client’s requirement.
We helped a large banking enterprise enhance their operational efficiency and customer experience using conversation analytics. The bank was facing major challenges with customer churn, rising complaints and regulatory penalties, and agent attrition and low productivity. We started with QA automation and root cause analysis of 100 percent customer conversations, as against 3 percent previously. This delivered unprecedented insights into its operations, making the bank recognize critical customer concerns, compliance gaps and performance development areas for agents. It also helped improve first call resolution, cut average call handling time, and deliver superior customer experience.

Tell us about the road map that lies ahead? How is Zen3 gearing up for the same?
We intend to focus on those services which help our clients and the wider industry in becoming more efficient, generate better ROI and compete better. Zen3 is investing heavily in gaining expertise in modern Cloud services such as Kubernetes, DevOps and SRE. We are also looking to increase the number of experts for our Speech Centre of Excellence and to provide other speech service apart from “compliance as-a-services”. We intend grow our presence in other global markets including South-East Asia, the Middle East and other parts of the USA.

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